Tell Grandma, Publisher Kenard Gibbs Left Ebony/Jet

I must be bored, crazy and tired — a truly unhealthy combination — to think that this bit of news might be of interest to anyone under the age of 100 but Kenard Gibbs, publisher of Ebony and Jet magazines (yes, they are still in publication) has done left the building for good. This is the word from the Chicago Sun Times via the AP:

Kenard Gibbs left the magazines’ Chicago-based parent company, Johnson Publishing, on Wednesday. Company spokeswoman Staci R. Collins Jackson says ”it was an amicable parting.” (Me: They told him “to get the f** out “and he said that “he was f**ing leaving anyway”) She did not offer further details.  According to Johnson Publishing, Gibbs was appointed publisher in June of last year. He also oversaw the Ebony/Jet Entertainment Group. (source)

I guess old boy wasn’t too adept at raising the dead.

2 thoughts on “Tell Grandma, Publisher Kenard Gibbs Left Ebony/Jet

  1. This is old news but I am certain that Kenard felt oppressed having come from VIBE Magazine. The attitude and money were both of a total different ilk. From a Quincey Jones product to a John Johnson product should tell you something. The brainchild of each represent the matter of man each were. Johnson’s Ebony/Jet mags targeted a specific conservative “Talented Ten” Black market whereas Jones targeted the hip-hop music oriented generation. The goals and focus were vastly different. They emerged out of different times and therefore experiences. The intent for each were even more different than the magazines themselves.

    So I can’t imagine Kenard feeling that he could do what he does best in a restrictive environment. It’s too bad for Ebony/Jet because if perhaps they had let the brother do his thing, they may not be in the predicament they find themselves in now. Growth means change even transformation if you wish to be of the time, in the present rather than an ion of the past.

    If we accept that there are no accidents then we know that it all happened as it should have. Kenard is on the move and his creative collaborative partnership with Peter Griffin and Anthony Maddox is exactly what he should be doing. We can look forward to great things from them. Their company Madvision Entertainment has recently acquired the rights to Soul Train. I am waiting with excitement to see how they will transform product to meet the entertainment needs of the times.

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