MSNBC’s Family Feud Results in the Ousting of Olbermann and Matthews from Hosting Election Coverage

You could see this ish coming from space.  After the on air backstabbing, the bitchslapping and the over-the-top editorializing during the coverage of both the Democratic and Republican National Conventions, MSNBC decided to muzzle its dogmatic duo of Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews who hosted the network’s live coverage of the event and replace them with Senior White House Correspondent David Gregory (the talking snooze button) for the remainder of the election cycle.  Here’s the dirty on the dirtiest catfight on cable news television:

After months of accusations of political bias and simmering animosity between MSNBC and its parent network NBC the channel decided over the weekend that the NBC News correspondent and MSNBC host David Gregory would anchor news coverage of the coming debates and election night. Mr. Olbermann and Mr. Matthews will remain as analysts during the coverage.

The change — which comes in the home stretch of the long election cycle — is a direct result of tensions associated with the channel’s perceived shift to the political left. (NY Times)

Poor Keef.  He thought he was running things up in there ’cause he had a “hit” show, Countdown with Keith Olbermann, on the network.  Little did he realize that he was just another field slave on the NBC News plantation. And Chris..I am thoroughly convinced that he is just one loose screw shy of crazy.  Bat Shit and Full of Shit don’t make a great pairing.

The truly sad thing about his whole mess is that although the network received a hell of lot of press and a few additional viewers, it still wasn’t able of crawl out of last place.

And you know this ish ain’t over.  Not by a long shot.  You know Keef is going to throw a bitch fit of Kayne-sized proportions.

Talking about bitchiness or rather, bitchassness.  There seems to be a lot of it going around the MSNBC camp.  Everybody and they momma seems to be running their mouths to the press. Case and point from the New York Times:

In interviews, 10 current and former staff members said that long-simmering tensions between MSNBC and NBC reached a boiling point during the conventions. “MSNBC is behaving like a heroin addict,” one senior staff member observed. “They’re living from fix to fix and swearing they’ll go into rehab the next week.”  (Me: Morning Joe’s Joe Scarborough is that you?  You don’t have to hide. Speak your mind son.)

Somebody needs to muzzle these beyotches in a hurry.  For lessons on keeping your employees in check through fear of retribution, see Big Momma Oprah’s employee manual complete with an iron-clad confidentiality agreement.


I guess bitchassness pays — at least in the case of Olbermann who will have his contract extended to 2013 and his reported yearly salary increased from $4 million/year to $7.5 million. (source)

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6 thoughts on “MSNBC’s Family Feud Results in the Ousting of Olbermann and Matthews from Hosting Election Coverage

  1. Oh my God you are hilarious. I need a page just for quotes. I LOVE Keith Olbermann! I was wondering when MSNBC would buckle under pressure from their parent company. It’s a shame that they did. I know that things were going to heat up, esp after Senator John McCain’s campaign manager Rick Davis wrote a letter asking to meet with the president of NBC News because of some comments Andrea Mitchell of “Meet the Press” made about the debate hosted by Pastor Rick Warren. Accusations of NBC leaning a little too far to the left definitely came to a head here. You can read the letter @

  2. I just stumbled onto your site and now i really need to rant.

    wtf is up with this whole attack on msnbc for being too liberal? aside from a couple of individual shows (kieth’s and now rachel’s) the station behaves exactly like every other news corporation. they shout the same stupid headlines, they never do investigative reporting, all the other hosts or shows are essentially right wing. and msnbc is owned by GE for christ’s sake, one of the largest corporations in our country thanks to the military industrial complex. you know they want john mccain elected.

    the news media is responsible for allowing the neocons to brainwash our country. our whole mentality has shifted so far to the right that many things which should be common sense are now demonized as liberal. msnbc is hardly balanced having a couple of liberal opinions – and they are even letting john mccain pull this shit. conservatives are a bunch of whiners who can’t take any criticism. democrats have to deal with plenty of criticism from their own people (well not enough because they’re partly to blame too). if this doesn’t end we’re doomed

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