Tori Spelling Tops NYT Bestseller List

I was ectastic to read that my sistah from another father (I swear we have the same mother), Tori Spelling, formerly of Beverly HIlls 90210 and currently of Oxygen’s Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood, and daughter of famed TV producer the late Aaron Spelling will be sitting fabulously pretty atop this week’s New York Times Nonfiction Bestseller list as author of the memoir, sTORI Telling. (source).

I’ve read the book which took me forever to get because it was constantly out-of-print. It’s a wonderful, breezy read and quite tasteful for a Hollywood memoir many of which often leave you cringing at the graphic and often unnecessary details. With Tori’s book, you are left feeling like she is the girl next door, someone you would want to have as your best friend — if only in your head.

Congratulations Tori.  Keep shutting down the haters.  As I know you know, success is the best revenge.

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