BET, the EL Chupacabra of Cable TV, Devours Another Soul: Reginald Hudlin Exits Channel

They should just post a sign — a disclaimer of sorts — warning people of good conscience, intelligence and ambition not to enter. The cable channel, BET (Black Entertainment Television), has lost another soldier in the neverending fight to gain a modicum of respect for the widely castigated and sometimes reviled network. It was announced that the network’s president, Reginald Hudlin, will be leaving BET (source) after what I am sure were three of the most demeaning and demanding years his life.  (Take it from as sistah who knows. I worked as a freelancer for for a short while and my soul still hasn’t fully recovered and my nerves are permanently shot. Never again Sweet Jesus. Never again.).

The following is the story as told by Multichannel News:

In an internal memo to BET employees, network CEO Debra Lee said Hudlin is “returning to his entrepreneurial roots as an independent producer.”  Lee told Multichannel News that the executive’s departure was a “mutual” decision made between her and Hudlin. (Me: The Kool-Aid smells a bit rank. I’m not drinking it.)  She praised Hudlin for his tenure at BET during which he produced 17 of the top 20 highest-rated shows in the network’s 28-year history.

…But none of Hudlin’s shows amounted to a breakout hit or helped propel the network to the top of the cable ratings. BET’s 0.5 second-quarter primetime household rating was down 17% from the 0.6 average for the corresponding period in 2007.  Executive vice president of music programming and talent Stephen Hill will take over as interim head of entertainment, according to Lee.  (Source)

Well, that was a lovely experiment in futility. I guess it’s back to the soft porn thinly disguised as music videos.  Why do more when you can get by with doing less?

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