CNBC, Keep Your ‘Money Honey’, Fox Business Does It for Me (Update)

For once in my life, I honestly believe that it’s great time to be financially challenged (I hate the word “broke”; it sounds so negative).  I don’t have to worry about the value of my 401K, my stocks or mutual funds or whether I should buy, sell or hold.  Oh, the joy of it all. Despite the fact that I don’t know the difference between a short seller and a short stack, I am still intrigued by the current Wall Street crisis.  I guess mother loves watching a good train wreck and this beyotch is a 100 car pile up.  To get my market fix on, I tried watching CNBC. The analysis and prognostications of Maria Bartiromo, Dylan Ratigan and crew sounded like a lot of gobbly gook to someone like me who is at least 65 percent retarded when it comes to finance. (And can’t stand Erin Burnett, who, unlike her colleagues, seems to know less than I do about the markets.  She’s all over the place like a bad rash and I’ve just run out of Benedryl.)

So, I decided to try the people’s cable network, Fox Business. Yes, I know that the ratings are so low that they aren’t released but hey, I don’t care if it is popular, I just care that the information presented is understandable.  I know that this may sound strange but I feel that the folks at Fox Business care that I get it and seem to work to provide as much “What does it mean for the average person?” information as possible. 

Yes, I am sure you noticed that I said “Fox” and “care” in the same sentence.  And yes, this is the younger, less popular, foster child of the evil emperor, Fox News Channel known for its heavy-handed partisanship. But Fox Business seems to have almost no political agenda. The talk is not about “Red” or “Blue” but green.

Ironically, my favorite Fox Business anchor is former CNBCer, Liz Claman,  She’s looking a lot more sexay these days (you got to bring the sexay if you work at any of the Foxes) but she is no less serious of a financial reporter.  Claman still asks the tough and important questions and can clearly hold her own with powerful business titans.  My girl has poise and gravitas for days.  I prefer her to the more popular Bartiromo, her former colleague, who gives the air of being above it all.  I have definitely soured on the “Money Honey” who was known as a tough, hard-working gal whose efforts went a long way to give women financial reporters the credibility and the opportunity that they deserved.  Much of that credibility has been squandered for it seems that cable nets are hiring way too many pretty faces with empty heads e.g. Erin Burnett.  

Well, it’s back to following the market’s convulsions.  Take it from me, the view from the bottom isn’t so bad.


It looks like I’m not the only one tuning into Fox Business during this financial crisis.  It was reported by the New York Times that Fox Business Channel achieved an important milestone this week.  On Monday (September 29), at any given point from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m., an average of 81,000 people were watching Fox Business while at home this according to Nielsen Media Research. “The figure is a milestone for the nearly year-old channel, which had never drawn an audience large enough to be considered statistically reliable by Nielsen for an extended time period.” (source).

Hang in there FBC.


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