Fine Living Network’s ‘Whatever Martha!’ Delivers the Snark and the Laughs

Although, I can’t cook or craft and would rather dish the dirt than dig in it, I love domestic style guru Martha Stewart who has survived her share of critics and a bit of prison time as well.  Only Miss Martha, can come out of prison looking like she just completed a series of spa treatments.  Well, that’s Miss Martha for you, the pantheon of perfection. 

Like I said, cooking and crafting is not my thing. Because I am much better acquainted with being a battle scarred veteran of a contentious and complicated mother-daughter relationship, I have nothing but love for Alexis Stewart, only child of Miss Martha and co-star of Fine Living Network’s, Whatever Martha! (Tuesdays, 9 p.m. Eastern).  The show, which, ironically, is executive produced by Martha, has Alexis and her willing accomplice, Jennifer Koppelman Hutt, watching and commenting on old Martha Stewart Show clips.

The two deliver laughs as they make fun of the domestic diva that is Miss Martha. The premise is simple, just a couple a girls sitting around talking.  You got the ultra-snarky, fabulously droll, long-legged Alexis whose dry delivery of her uncensored lines provides the show with wonderfully funny, “oh no she didn’t say that” moments.  

And then there is her shorter, red-haired, blissfully cheery, counterpart, Jennifer, who can deliver a humourous zinger or two herself.  (In a recent episode, Jennifer called something, “ridonkculous”. I loved it. It’s going into my permanent lexicon.) 

The appeal of the show lies in the fact that Alexis is how you would have imagined Martha’s daughter to be — too over it for words. At times, Whatever Martha! is more revealing than a good tell-all book. For example, while watching a segment in which Martha, along with a very nervous and highly forgetful employee, make a cheesecake, Jennifer comments that Martha, who is laughing during the fiasco, probably feels sorry for the employee.  Alexis says, “She’s never felt bad for me.”  Ouch! Girl, I feel your pain.

Whatever Martha!, is sanctioned, mother-approved, payback time for Alexis.  During a segment in which Martha, along with a her personal trainer, demonstrates a few exercises, Alexis reveals that Martha is “not a fan of ‘no pain, no gain’ and calls her lunges “sissy.”

The girls go back and forth as Martha and the trainer do squats:

“She’s pooping.”

“No, she’s giving birth.”

“Sometimes, you poop while giving birth.”

Okay, TMI (Too Much Information). It’s this crossing-way-over-the-line is why I love Whatever Martha! where I perfect cringing, holding my mouth agape and laughing all at the same time.

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