Only in New York: Andy Samberg and SNL Invade My Classroom

You can file this one under “Mi Vida Loca” (My Crazy Life). Last Friday, sick as mangy dog, I hauled myself into class to teach.  Sounding like a frog with a cold, I screeched out some instructions and handed out papers. Just as I was about to sit my tired ass down, one of my students burst into the room, talking mile a minute about Saturday Night Live and Andy Samberg and could they come in and shoot. Because my brain was too mucus-filled to function, my mouth took over and said, “Yes.”  

The nearly all male SNL crew — save one forlorn-looking woman — took over from there. Andy Samberg, dressed as a Rasta Man and singing his Rasta song, sat among the students as they pretended to take a test. They even got into the act a bit “singing” a few words and waving their arms. 

Last night, it aired on Saturday Night Live. I am happy for my students, but I am so sad for the state of comedy.  (I did get my laugh on earlier in the night while watching the premiere of DL Hughley’s new gig on CNN, DL Hughley Breaks the News.)

I haven’t been able to find a clip of “Rastafarian on the Quad” on YouTube.  If you want to check it out on SNL’s official site, click here.


Here’s the clip.  Enjoy.

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