It’s Janice Dickinson versus Brian Kehoe on ‘Cristina’s Court’

Her crazy finally got the best of her. And now someone has hauled her ass to court — Cristina’s Court to be exact. Oh yes, Janice Dickinson, former supermodel and star of the Oxygen reality series, The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency (JDMA), was sued by one of her former models, Brian Kehoe who claimed she ruined his career by falsely accusing him of alcoholism.  And the madness was presided over by Judge Cristina Perez, on the nationally syndicated Emmy-winning court show Cristina’s Court and will be aired on Monday, November 3 (check local listings).

JDMA watchers are quite familiar with Brian Kehoe, the tragically handsome dude whose sexual orientation was always questioned by Janice and his fellow models. Kehoe had a penchant for being drunk and wildly inappropriate at the most inopportune times like in front of clients during photo shoots.  Finally tiring of his antics, Janice fired Kehoe last season.  She did bring him back for the reunion show where he was subjected to a professionally administered lie detector test during which he was asked if he was gay among other things.  

I am at loss for words over this court mess. This is a first for me.

Supermodel involved in super-foolishness. Classic Janice D.


I just had to watch the proceedings. 

Janice gives her usual crazay calling Kehoe stupid and saying that she should have “kicked him in the balls” while at the same time professing that she cares about him and want him to get help for his addiction. Kehoe looks like the adult in the situation as calmly tries to state his case saying that Janice only “cares” when the cameras are rolling. His manager for theatrical and television told him that clients wouldn’t see him based on how he was portrayed on the show. He claims that Janice called him an “alcoholic to make better television” and “they” needed a “bad boy”.  

Janice insists that he “needs to get off the booze”.  Kehoe counters that he believes that Janice still has a problem with alcohol, a problem which she admits that she has sought help for and is now in recovery. 

The very star struck Judge Cristina Perez rules in favor of Janice since she believes that Janice did not act of malice nor did Kehoe suffer actual damages as a result of Janice’s statements — both conditions had to be met in order to prove “defamation”.  In end, Janice did concede that Kehoe was a good guy.  Very anti-climatic. 

I would have loved to see how Judge Judy would have handled the case.  She would have put the smackdown on their foolishness. 

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