BET Founder, Bob Johnson Wants to Start a Television Network. Let the Torture Begin.

Lawd.  When I read it, I dropped to my knees and prayed that this too shall pass.  Black Entertainment Television (BET) founder, Bob Johnson, wants to start another television network.  Oh, yes, the man who became a billionaire off the bouncing backsides of many a video ho (Yes, I said and I stand by it.) has decided to torture us once again. (I can see his tombstone reading: “In Memory of Robert L. Johnson: Pimping Wasn’t Easy but He Sure Had Fun.”  And the church said, “Amen”.)

Here’s the bad news as delivered by Journal-isms:

Robert L. Johnson, the founder of Black Entertainment Television, has asked the Federal Communications Commission to approve plans for a new “urban” television network that would cater to a multicultural audience interested in health, lifestyle, education and other issues, a spokeswoman for Johnson told Journal-isms on Tuesday…

The new network is “not intended to compete with BET or TV One,” Johnson spokeswomanTraci Otey Blunt said. Plans are open and no staff members have been hired, awaiting FCC approval. The network might even produce news programming, she said. (Me: WTF? Hey, Bob, stop trying get your lips on the FCC’s and the public’s member by dangling that little carrot. Acting like you have been reformed and give an ish. We will not be deceived.)  The FCC is not expected to act until winter or early spring, after a period of public comment. (Me: Oh, that little event may prove to be a hot mess for real.  People get your spare shoes ready.  The line forms at the left to put a well heeled one up his behind for even thinking about a comeback.)

Stop shaking your head and wipe those tears from your eyes. It’s gonna be alright. Mother has a feeling that in this crowded media marketplace, Johnson has a snowball’s chance in hell of gaining traction even if the FCC approves of the venture.  Black people, and those who love them and their mess, don’t need to tune into an “urban” channel to get their black on.  Hell, they can just watch Bravo or Oxygen.  

And speaking of Bravo, it looks like the ladies of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, tore the roof off the mutherf-er.  The reunion special “averaged a 2.55 household rating and 2.8 million viewers, according to Nielsen Media Research data, 27% above the 2.2 million who tuned in the series concluder and 115% more than its season average of 1.31 million watchers. Included in the special’s total were some 2.06 million adults 18 to 49, a total, network officials said, marked the first time a Bravo docu-series surpassed the 2 million level.  Overall, The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion was the No. 1 cable telecast for the day among adults 18 to 49 and adults 18 to 34. Bravo was the No. 1 cable network in the 9 p.m. hour among those demos and total viewers.” (source).

Poor fool doesn’t stand a chance.

One thought on “BET Founder, Bob Johnson Wants to Start a Television Network. Let the Torture Begin.

  1. I for one believe Mr. Johnson did more than put videos on his network. But let’s say; which he didn’t, he did. Obviously, there was a need or a demand, and he did what any business person would do. He filled that demand. Just as some networks seem to take great pleasure in conspiring to either down play, or discredit the accomplishments of or current President.
    It seems that your article is specifically focused on the amount that he made, and clearly not his accomplishments. I for one applaud Mr. Johnson for having the courage to fight and accomplish his dream at the time he did accomplish them. With people, such as yourself. hell bent on destroying him at every chance they get. In my opinion, Mr. Johnson presents a platform for which other individuals of a minority decent could build off of.
    So as to your message which seems to be geared towards individuals of minority decent to paint Mr. Johnson in a negative light. As a individual who happens to be of minority decent, I say this to you. ” Stop pretending like your a Minority who happens to be upset at Mr. Johnson’s formation of BET, and his plans to build another network. We know who you really are. Your going to have to find another method of divide and concur. We’ve been there and done that, and the anonymity of hiding behind a keyboard and computer monitor isn’t going to help.”

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