A Woman Wins ‘The Biggest Loser’ Grand Prize for a Second Year

Girl power rules on the season finale of the weight loss competition show, The Biggest Loser: Families, with, for the second season in row, a woman, this time, Michelle Aguilar of Dallas, winning the grand prize of $250,000. Michelle, who began the competition with her mother Rene from whom she was estranged for over five years prior to beginning their weight loss journey, lost 110 lbs. for the win.

By the way, the winner of the $100,000 prize was Heba Salama of Raleigh, NC, whose husband Ed Brantley, came in second place behind Michelle, with a weight loss of 139 lbs.  Heba and Ed landed in the bottom two during the last episode prior to the finale.  America got to chosoe which of the two would compete against Michelle and Vicky Vilcan of Houma, LA, for the grand prize. Despite Ed’s pleas that Heba be placed in competition for the $250,000, it was revealed that he would receive the final slot.

And about Vicky. She was the reason I stopped watching the show during the middle of this, the six season.  For her, it became more of game and less of an opportunity to change her life.  She managed to turn The Biggest Loser into Survivor.  I did tune into the final episode only to discover that her tricky ways had paid off and she made it to the final three.  Thank God goodness prevailed and Michelle won.  (By the way, once again, uber-trainer Jillian Michaels coached the winning woman.  The beyotch is bad.)

One thought on “A Woman Wins ‘The Biggest Loser’ Grand Prize for a Second Year

  1. i realy wish that michel win the game cous she desired it iam kani from kurdistan and we vote to her and we love michel so much

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