Bikini Designer Ashley Paige is on Target to Bring Low Cost Swimwear to Retailer

My favorite hapless bikini designer Ashley Paige of TLC’s Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust has inked a deal with fashion forward low price retailer Target.  (or for the more sophisticated among you, Tar-Jay — heavy on the French accent)

According to, “the Los Angeles-based swimwear designer is developing a collection of around 11 pieces that will enter Target stores in time for summer, including at least two in her signature crochet style and one monokini, according to an Ashley Paige spokeswoman.” It is slated to be called either Ashley Paige for Target (too boring) or Bikini Love (Yes and Amen). (source)

From the Ashley Paige Collection (via
From the Ashley Paige Collection (via

Now, the next thing that has to happen is that she returns to television with another show to let us know how this whole thing went down.


Want to see Ashley Paige: Bikini or Bust return for a second season?  Contact TLC by clicking here.

Also, rescue dog lover Ashley is in the running for the Top ‘Not So Ordinary’ Pet Person.  To vote for Ashley, click here.


Ashley Paige did win top ‘Not So Ordinary Pet Person’ of the year.  Her work with rescue animals is  featured in a USA Today article.  To read, click here.

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