Fear of a Black TV Horror Show Host (Update – There Seems to Be a Change of Plans)

I can’t believe it.  It’s not even Halloween nor April Fool’s Day.  I knew that we were going to have a bad crash after that Obama high.  And I was right.  There is nothing that I can say or do to prepare you for this.  Hold on to your favorite stuffed animal.  Curl up in your blanket and put the pillow over your head because here it comes. The granddaddy of f-ery, Amercia’s favorite raisin not fit for consumption, is coming back, still black and as bad — not good bad but bad, bad — as ever.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am talking about rapper/reality TV star Flavor Flav and this time is his slated to be the host of an upcoming television horror show series, Nite Tales.

Here’s the report from Reuters (of all publications; go figure):

Rapper/reality TV star Flavor Flav and filmmaker Deon Taylor have signed a deal to turn their BET movie “Nite Tales” into an anthology television series. “Nite Tales,” described as “30-minute tales of irony and twists,” originated with the BET movie that aired on Halloween and is set for DVD release February 3 by BET, Paramount and Deon Taylor Enterprises…

And it gets better.

Taylor describes the new show as “Tales From the Crypt” meets “The Twilight Zone,” with Flav playing a role similar to “Crypt’s” Cryptkeeper,  (My bold, not theirs. The jokes just write themselves.) as he did in the BET movie. The show will have a Web presence, including an online contest Taylor is planning in which fans can name Flav’s character. (source)

I just don’t know Lawd.  I just don’t know.

Flavor Flav and Gremlin. Separated at Birth? (photo credit: Conch)


What’s more scary than Flavor Flav as horror show host?  Try Flavor Flav as a high school student.  Yes,  dear friends the end is neigh.  Read the madness here.

3 thoughts on “Fear of a Black TV Horror Show Host (Update – There Seems to Be a Change of Plans)

  1. did you actually watch the show? I watched it and Flav didn’t do a bad job of it. deon taylor is also a good director, so i don’t think he wouldn’t have chosen flav to be the crypt keeper if he really sucked at acting.

  2. Nite Tales was great! If you guys are interested, Taylor’s next move “Chain Letter” hits theaters the 1st of October! I am stoked!!

  3. Just for the info America’s First Black OR Afiacan American Tv Horror show host is “Count Karnstein” Born on Oct 31st 2006 in Cleveland Ohio, Time warner Cable of ” SCREAM THEATER ” Time warner pulled the channel of the air , so they did not have to abide by the Public access laws , they got out of the clause contract….so the Show and the other shows on that channel were lost. I heard Scream theater will hit YOU TUBE this month ! CHECK IT OUT….. its campy and fun…. the other Cleveland Channels should have picked it up ! when Big chuck and little John retired…but that’s Cleveland for ya! ..and the wonder why they are still ” the Mistake on the Lake ! hell Lebron knew that! thats why he left! I cant blame him !

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