Yes, the B**ch is Back and She’s on FX’s ‘Damages’

Thanks to FX’s serial drama, Damages (Wednesdays, 10 p.m. Eastern), the bitch is back and better than ever.  Wannabes and pretenders take a seat. School is in session. Your teacher is the show’s power attorney, Patty Hewes, a.k.a. actress Glenn Close.  From Professor Hewes, you can learn the finer points of double crossing, power plays, the cover up and the 7 lies you tell the police about that dead body.

Because I missed the first season of Damages, and was too busy to read last year’s synopsis in its entirety (which was provided by FX on its website), I am a little lost.  But I don’t care; I am more than happy to go along for the ride.  And Lord knows it’s a bumpy one.  Time moves forward, backward and forward again. We see the future, or what we think is the future. Or is it the present?  Then we experience some kind of flashback.  Or is it really a flash forward? Fuck it.  I don’t know; the ish is good. I could never figure out calculus either and I still count on my fingers.  Don’t ask me to make change, unless you want your register to come up short.

Here’s what I do know:

Patty Hewes, the Glenn Close character, is head/owner of a high powered law firm specializing in litigation. Her firm, with the help of her protege, Ellen Parsons (played by actress Rose Byrne), won a very lucrative class action lawsuit against billionaire Arthur Forbisher (Ted Dason), who murdered Ellen’s fiance and who caught a bullet or two himself and lived the to tell the tale, albeit from a hospital bed.

Oh, did I mention that Patty tried to kill Ellen last season?  Oh, yes, she’s got it going on like that.  Of course, she didn’t dirty her  hands in the matter like some corner hanging, low level street thug. No, not my Miss Patty. She set it up real nice and had someone else do the dirty while she spent time at her vacation home.  There was a glich:  The act wasn’t consummated (I used that word because, for bitches like Patty, effing up people is better than great sex.). And Rose knows Patty tried to off her and is  as mad as hell. This season, she is working with the Feds to take Patty down.

Wait…hand cramp…Okay, fixed…I can go on.  Yes, there is more… much more.

Well, this season, we are introduced to Daniel Purcell, (played by William Hurt) who is a friend of Patty’s from yesteryear.  It seems that Purcell, a scientist, has got the goods on his employer, (some kind of chemical producer, maybe?).  Looking to expose their dirty doings, he sends a box, filled with evidence, to Patty’s office. She looks through it and thinks there is a potential case in it.

Okay, lets fast forward this a bit…

Well, somebody kills Purcell’s wife and of course, being the husband and all and the one who finds her body, he’s the prime suspect. Patty takes on his case, (He calls her after finding wifey dead). You get a sense that there is something more to Purcell’s and Patty’s relationship than merely former acquaintances reunited…There is…

Daniel Purcell is Patty’s baby’s (okay, 18-year-old son, Michael’s) daddy.  Yes, he is the baby father. (said, in my best Maury voice).  And there is something else….Purcell might have had, or is having, an affair with the legal counsel for his company, played by Marcia Gay Harden (Didn’t get the character name, sorry.  Too tired from typing to look it up).

That’s pretty much the gist of what I know or able to figure out thus far.

For some crazy reason, I love this show.  Besides looking oh so very beautiful, sleek and sexy in its own way, it doesn’t insult my intelligence.  The writer/producers ask more of me and I am willing to give it.  It’s a puzzle with a few pieces missing but I know I will find them eventually.  And the performances are stellar.  It’s a welcome break from my usual visual diet of reality fare.  A show like Damages clearly lets disbelieving souls like me know that great writing and acting is really is alive and well on basic cable.


For all of us special ed viewers of Damages, helpful stuff can be found on the show’s website. Want to know more?  Click here.

Also, you can follow Patty Hewes and  Ellen Parsons on Twitter (@PattyHewes, @EllenParsons) I know because they are already following me.  Should I be afraid?

Patty Hewes and Rose Byrne.  Mirror Images of One Another?
Patty Hewes and Rose Byrne. Mirror Images of One Another?

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