Out There on Her Own: Keyshia Cole’s Neffie to Get Own TV Series? (UPDATE)

I hate to spread rumors but it’s better than telling lies.  I got this one via Crunk and Disorderly who got this from Necole Bitchie who got it from Talk dat Ish (I couldn’t, I wouldn’t make this name up) who probably got it from somebody’s momma’s third  play cousin twice removed.  So you know it’s got to be true, right?…Right?…*crickets*.

Forget about you.  I have to keep my mind open to the possibility.

What?…That Neffie,  R&B singer and reality TV personality Keyshia Cole’s sistah may get her own series in which she stars with her crackhead mother (okay, ex-crackhead mother), Frankie, and  her hairdresser/stylist friend, Dariel (Is this an unholy union of the names, “Daniel” and “Darryl”?). (source) You remember Dariel from the final episode of BET’s Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is (or rather Shouldn’t Be). He surprised Neffie  by meeting her in Las Vegas on to do her hair for her birthday celebration.

And no, there is no word if Keyshia will  be a part of the mess…I mean “show”.

Necole Bitchie, et. al, also report that Neffie was “honored” by the Inspiring Women Foundation, (I assume a non-profit but you know her ass got paid.) based in Virginia.

Let  me wrap my lazy Saturday morning brain around that one: Neffie as an inspriation to anyone.  No wait, to be fair, I can say that Neffie has inspired me — to get down on my knees and thank my sweet Minty Jesus for a momma who has got most of her good sense, for a sistah that I don’t have to mooch off of to survive, for my ability to write and speak the English language properly when required and for having the good sense to keep my legs closed and my mind open.  I betcha didn’t know that Neffie could be so “inspirational”.


Well, it looks like Neffie’s star has been eclipsed by none other than her mother, the mutha of all mothers, Frankie who appears on the cover of the March 2009 issue of VIBE Magazine. By the way, it’s the “Style” issue.  (Stuff like this gives me chest pains.  Jesus be a baby aspirin.)

Frankie, Cover Girl. Who Knew? (photo: IPR +MKTG)


Sadly, I must (I don’t really have to but I will) that Neffie, indeed, have a  reality television series, sans Keyshia.  It’s set to premiere on BET on August 25 at 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific.  (I have no details regarding the title at this time.  I could think of a few things I would call it…but I will spare you.)

4 thoughts on “Out There on Her Own: Keyshia Cole’s Neffie to Get Own TV Series? (UPDATE)

  1. I couldn’t have said it any better. They are so embarassing to the black race. Keyshia I will pray for you.

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