Want Your Diddy TV?: MTV’s Making of the Band 4 Returns

As Pastor TD Jakes would say, “GetReadyGetReadyGetReady.” (must be said with copious amounts of sweat streaming from your brow)  The return of  one of the staples of Diddy TV, MTVs  Making of the Band 4, is imminent. If you are like me and are in need of deliverance from the reality TV demon, you’ve been waiting and wondering:  What will happen to Diddy’s girl group Danity Kane?

When we saw them on last season’s finale, it looked  like the Danity Kane that we had come to know and love was done for.  Diddy dismissed Aubrey and D Woods leaving Shannon, Aundrea and Dawn to salvage what was left. The burning question in everyone’s mind  (okay, in my small twisted mind)  was will Aubrey clean up her act (with the help of Clorox, Lysol and a hard bristle scrub brush) and return to the group?  Will D Woods return as well? And will she even be missed?

So many questions.  So few answers.  So much drama.  Can’t wait.

But I will have to  wait until Making of the Band 4 (Is it season 999 or 666?) premieres on Thursday, February 12,  9 p.m. EASTERN.

Because Diddy, like Jesus, walks among us (I am going to hell  for that one. Blasphemy thy name is Carla) and his creation, Diddy TV, is devoted to serving the public, he in his infinite quest for self promotion, decided to give us Damaged: Making of the Band 4 Special.

The show, which aired  one week before the premiere (and which I am sure will air 100 times more)  was filled with highlights from last season, commentary from the members of Day 26 (don’t ask me what that name means), singer (or so they try to convince me)  Donnie Klang, the remaining members of Danity Kane (Shannon was noticeably absent) and choreographer extraordinaire (if only in her own mind), Laurie Ann Gibson.  (I love the quote from Dawn, who was clearly trying to be diplomatic, “Don’t fault Aubrey for changing who she changed into. She’s a woman.”  No comment.)

You also had some random broad from Entertainment Weekly, some other dude (I don’t mean Sway) whose affiliation  I can’t remember and the fans.

Yes, the fans.  Gotta love them. They were so….special.

I wasn’t surprised that Danity Kane has devoted fans.  But Donnie and Day 26?   One girl claimed that she had 19 copies of Donnie’s CD.  Another said that she buys 20 at a time (Okay, I don’t know what this “special” child is talking about.  Does she mean that she is downloading his songs, 20 at a clip? Dude only made one CD. Where’s her mama with the belt?  I feel a butt whooping is in order.)  And dear sweet Donnie thinks of them as “family” (I surmise it’s like the kind you are subjected to during those awkward holiday dinners.)

Enough said.  Here’s a clip from Damaged: The Making of the Band 4 Special:

Need more Diddy TV?  Check out this trailer from this ssason’s Making of the Band 4.


Aubrey “All Day, Any Day” O’Day crash landed on the cover of the March issue of Playboy.  Please don’t act suprised.  She’s  is only following in the steps of her mentor, former porn proprietess, Jenna Jameson, and getting her skank on.

Here’s an article from MTV.com about the whole nastay mess and fan reaction.  Before clicking here, please put on your laxtex gloves and have your penicillin handy.


There was so much f-ery going on this season that the seaon finale will have to be aired in two parts (April 16 an April 23).  We should learn the fate of Dawn, Aubrey and Danity Kane and whether Q will remain a part of Day 26.

Well, here are clips from the upcoming episodes:

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