Here’s an Economic Stimulus Plan for You: Become Vegas Bound

I’ve never been to Las Vegas.  Don’t know why really. I have nothing against excess, sin and debauchery. I consider it good clean fun myself.  I have been to Alaska.  Saw moose and decided that they looked better on the mountain than they would on my plate.

I am sure someday I will go to Las Vegas.  And when I do, I imagine that would behave somewhat like the people of Cransfills Gap, TX — small town folks with big personalities — all of whom got a trip to Las Vegas courtesy of Visit Las Vegas.

You know them. Hard working folks. They are your relatives.  The ones you visit for those awkward family events — deaths, births, weddings, reunions — who keep you smiling, laughing, having a good time in spite of yourself.

And you have seen these Vegas Bound folks on commericals for Las Vegas — having the time of their lives, taking everything in, being wild without being crazy. If you love the commericals and want to see more of the folks from Cransfills Gap and their Vegas adventures, check out the webisodes on

I see you getting all sad.  You are saying to yourself, “I want to go to Las Vegas but I am two credit card payments and a couple of disconnect notices past broke.”  There, there now.  Mother Carla Ray understands.  Really, I UNDERSTAND.

Because Mother Carla Ray loves you and wants you to be happy, I am going to share this with you, a contest to win a free trip to Las Vegas.

To be Vegas Bound, you have to create a video, no longer than 60 seconds,”explaining why you deserve a break in Vegas.”   FYI: The deadline is March 16, 2009.

The video below will tell you all about it.  And if you just happen to enter and win, remember, “what goes on in Vegas, stays in Vegas.”

2 thoughts on “Here’s an Economic Stimulus Plan for You: Become Vegas Bound

  1. This is so ironic that you post this, because I just booked a weekend trip to Vegas for the weekend after school ends! It’ll be my first time there and no I have no money, either, haha. Perhaps working all summer will help in paying off those credit cards. But eeee I’m excited to go! 🙂

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