With the Finale Approaching, Blue from MTV’s ‘From G’s to Gents’ Says the Change Did Him Good

I have a soft spot. No, I am not talking about the one in my head but in my heart.  I come from a family of redheads.  Some of whom I actually like.  So when I saw Blue (a.k.a  Kevin Hampton) from this, the second season of MTV’s From G’s to Gents (Tuesdays 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific) with his braided red hair and freckles, I thought, “He’s probably an okay guy — for G(angster) that is.”

I soon learned — to paraphrase Mae Rose Prizzi from the film Prizzi’s Honor — that just because he’s a G and former gang member, doesn’t mean he’s not a good man in all the other departments.

In every challenge, every confrontation, Blue proved himself to be just that— a good man.

Days before the Tuesday, April 14 finale, Blue talked to The Ride about the show which took him from being one of the Super Sixteen to the Final Three with more than a lucky shot at receiving the $100,000 grand prize and admission to the exclusive “Gentleman’s Club”.

For someone who prides herself on being one not easily impressed, I was struck by Blue’s sincerity and honesty.  If there was ever a hustler in Blue, that part of him is gone and what remains, is a thoughtful, well-spoken young man.

Before Blue became a contestant on the show and made the transformation from G to Gent, he was homeless.  No, I don’t mean living in your car for a couple of days while you wait on your big break homeless.  I’m talking about not even having a bed in a shelter homeless.

Yes, Blue was homeless for real, having given up his bed in a shelter prior to appearing on the show. When I asked Blue about how he ended up there, he explained that he had grown up in South Central, CA and at one point, a few years ago, went to live with his mother in the neighboring city of Inglewood. Big problem. She just happened to live next door to someone who was a member of a rival gang. Needless to say, the situation was quite intense and dangerous.  “I knew I didn’t want to die,” said Blue.  Nor did he want his family to be caught in the crossfire — literally.  Wanting to distance himself from the gang life, he made a decision that may seem odd to most of us — Blue left his mother’s home and went to live in shelter where he felt he would have a “better opportunity for change.”

Blue brings home the message of gang violence by telling the kids a true story about his mother standing between him and a bullet, praying for his safety. The crowd rewards him by naming his team the winner. (photo: MTV/Fanscape)
Blue brings home the message of gang violence by telling the kids a true story about his mother standing between him and a bullet, praying for his safety. The crowd rewards him by naming his team the winner. (photo: MTV/Fanscape)

Ironically, it would be Blue’s mother, or rather his relationship with her, that would prove to be his greatest challenge during the show. Farnsworth Bentley, the show’s host and the young men’s mentor, gave Blue the difficult task of writing a letter to his mother explaining that he would have to put his needs first and would not be able to provide her with the same level of assistance as he had in the past.  After penning the letter, he had to call her and read to her its content.

Welcome to my worse nightmare.

With his girlfriend Jamice (who, by the way, encouraged Blue to audition for the show) and his grandmother by his side, a nervous Blue gave his mother what he thought would be the bad news. Much to his surprise, she was wonderfully understanding and supportive of his decision.  I asked Blue about his mother and their relationship today.  He said it was good and that she was happy for him. Yes, his mother acknowledged that Blue helped her during the hard times when she needed support, but contends that she took care of herself for 22 years before he was born and she can and will do so now.

So if Blue wins, what is he going to do with the money?

Should he receive the $100K grand prize, Blue would like to help people who are living in homeless shelters. “Often people think they are are lazy but some people just fall on hard times,” said Blue.  He knows from personal experience that getting and keeping a job isn’t easy.  Prior to the show, Blue was looking for a job having been fired from his previous one because “it didn’t pay enough for transportation” causing him to miss work. Paying it forward, Blue would like to give homeless individuals the same tools Bentley gave him thus affording them a better shot at a successful life.

Just in case you didn’t think Blue learned his lesson about taking care of his needs as well, he would also use the money to get place of his own. And the high school graduate would “go to school” to study writing and speech to become a motivational speaker, perhaps returning to address the middle school students he so inspired by telling his story during one of the challenges.

In the end, for Blue, it isn’t about the money or possible notoriety but he what has he has learned in the process of becoming a gentleman. And when asked to name three things he has learned, he responded:  1) Words are stronger than fists;  2) Never hold a grudge and 3) Look forward to your future and forgive your past.

Let’s just leave it at that.

More about Blue

What’s up with the name “Blue”?

Most redheaded males I know are called “Red”, so I had to ask where the name “Blue” came from.  Simple answer: Blue is his favorite color.

The Other Two in the Final Three

When asked if the other contenders, Teddy and Mito, deserved to be in the final three, Blue said that he predicted that he, Mito and Teddy would be the last men standing  and even told them so on their second day at the mansion. With that said, he feels he has demonstrated the most growth and thus making him the strongest contender for the prize.

Is Blue Sneaky?

Blue contends that he’s not. He made the comments he did because he felt that Teddy was not committed changing his life which, Blue believes, is the true purpose of the show. He was shocked at Baron’s behavior and says that he was only guy supporting Baron at the time.  As a result of the “sneaky” accusation, Blue received “a lot of hate messages”

Did he answer those messages?

Blue says he tries reply to all of his messages/mail.  He feels that if someone took to time to write to him, he feels obligated to try to write back.

He Just Wants to Clear This Up

Blue wants to let people know that he is not as emotional as he was made to seem.  ” I haven’t cried in 10 years. The emotions just poured out.”  Dude, it’s okay.  I love you for it.

And now here’s a preview of the finale:

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2 thoughts on “With the Finale Approaching, Blue from MTV’s ‘From G’s to Gents’ Says the Change Did Him Good

  1. I am so proud of BLUE. I was pulling for him to win. Things happen for a reason, though. He will win so much more than the 100,000 dollars. He is such an honest and sincere young black man. He really grow from the beginning to the end of the program. I wish him the best and hope he remain on the right path. I am praying that they can all change their lives for the better.

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