An Appetite for Pop Culture Craziness? Danielle Fishel of Style Network’s ‘The Dish’ Will Satisfy It

With a 10,000 megawatt smile and killer jokes, Danielle Fishel pokes fun at the craziness that is pop culture as the host of Style Network’s  The Dish, which starts its new season Saturday, May 23 at 10 p.m.

The Ride talked to Danielle to find out what’s hot in Hollywood and what makes The Dish so sinfully delectable.

The Ride: Hey girl, let’s dish…Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  Of all the vast sea of hot mess out there to choose from, how do you go about selecting stuff for the show?

Danielle: That’s a good question!  We try to use clips from shows that are one of two things:  extremely popular, or totally obscure!  If it’s a popular show then we want to talk about it because we know everyone else is, and when it’s obscure we want people to think, “What the hell show is THAT!?” [smiles]

The Ride:  You are crazy funny.  Do you write your own stuff or is there a cast of thousands toiling away behind some curtain, Wizard of Oz-like?

Danielle: First of all, THANK YOU, and secondly, I do not have a cast of thousands, but an incredibly talented group of about 12.  I have 6 talented writers, a small group of talented production people, and some exceptional executive producers.  There is the occasional time I write a joke or throw out an idea, but mostly my writers write things for that they know if I were smart enough I would write myself because its my humor.

The Ride: What’s your favorite segment?

Danielle: My favorite segment is our newest one called “What the hell is going on in this ad?” because I have actually flipped through mags and tried to figure out what they’re trying to sell me, and then what they are actually saying in the ad!  It makes me laugh every time.  I look so forward to it every week.

The Ride: I know that I speak for all ones of tens of people out there when I say, why do you people pick on poor misunderstood Tyra Banks so?…Just kidding. I love it. Don’t stop. She’s like the gift that keeps giving. My birthday, “You shouldn’t have TyTy”. Valentine’s Day, “You shouldn’t have Tyra.” Easter, “Oh Tyra, please enough”. You get my drift.  Is there just something special about her that makes her such a “gift” to us all?

Danielle: I would love to clarify that I do not PICK on Tyra.  I do agree with you that she is misunderstood a bit.  She is smarter than most give her credit for, and what most people don’t know is that she is IN ON THE JOKE.  She knows people talk about her being self-centered, and she plays into it.  She has done an incredible job with her career, and she knows what she wants and how to get it.  I admire her guts, her drive, and her ambition.  She knows how to take a joke and she’s funnier in person than anyone would guess.  But, to directly answer your question, “What makes her such a gift to us all?”  It’s that she knows why we love her and she keeps feeding it to us.

Danielle Fishel of Style Network's "The Dish" (photo: Style Network)
Danielle Fishel of Style Network's "The Dish" (photo: Style Network)

The Ride:  I know you have a column on called Hot in Hollywood that talks about fashion — what to wear and where to get it. Well, what’s hot in Hollywood ? It seems that celebs are trying make exposed chesticles and crotches, or as the Big O would say, “vajayjays” or as I would say “vageenas”, fashionable.

Danielle:  Unfortunately, it seems like being rail thin is back to being the “in” thing, which really does make me sad.  I like women with curves and was pleased when Hollywood seemed to gain an appreciation for it again, but our young Hollywood starlets are back to being emaciated, sadly.  If you want to know what I think is Hot in Hollywood, it would be linen pants, strappy sandals, naturally mussed hair and clean faces with tinted moisturizer and lashes for days.  Okay, I just made that up because its what I want to look like this summer. [smiles]

The Ride:  And speaking of exposed crotches, dear Lindsay Ho..I mean Lohan. She is a sight that would make any eyes sore and runny.  You were a child star (for the underinformed, Danielle played Topanga on the sitcom, Boy Meets World). How did you avoid the kiddie curse?  (My guess: You didn’t have Dina Lohan the self-described “White Oprah” as your mama.)

Danielle: Well, you’re right that I didn’t have Dina Lohan for a mother, but a lot of things make Lindsay Lohan’s situation different from mine.  Today’s Hollywood is VASTLY different from when I was a child actor.  Paparazzi wasn’t around, mean spirited bloggers didn’t rule the internet, and people were slightly more private.  I also have never achieved the level of fame or wealth that so many of the young kids these days have, so it really isn’t fair to compare my mild fame with that of a LiLo.  With that said, i do come from a very close, protective, family, that would NEVER have let me run around, half-dressed, at all hours of the night, doing nothing but getting into trouble!

The Ride: I know you must go and forage the landscape for crazy, so I won’t keep you.  Just one last thing: The Dish shines the spotlight on some of our guilty pleasures. What’s yours? This inquiring mind wants to know.

Danielle: My guilty pleasure?  Hmmm…frozen yogurt, red wine, and crappy VH1 reality shows.  Tool Academy, For the Love of Ray J, are some faves.  Oh yeah, and online shopping.[smiles]

Well, that’s it.  Thanks so very much Danielle.  Keep up the fabulously funny work.

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