He Sizzles with Funny: Comedian Chuck Nice of VH1’s ‘Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins’ (UPDATE)

There is little about me that I am ashamed to admit because, I, by my very nature, am shameless.  But I must confess, I would love to be included in the pantheon of those who have had their send up (or “sit your ass down” so to speak) on VH1’s Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins (Fridays, 11 P  Eastern/Pacific)

Keep your People’s Choice Award, your MTV Video Music Award moonman (I know, like I would ever get those awards anyway. Just play along, please.), and give me my Best Week Ever (BWE).

And the person who I would want to put me in the hot seat would be none other than comedian Chuck Nice, star of BWE’s hilariously funny segment, The Sizzler.

The Ride talked to Chuck, or rather Mr. Nice (I just like saying that for whatever crazy reason) about Best Week Ever and the funny business.

bestweekever6_logo 2The Ride: Do you write your own stuff for The Sizzler?

Chuck: The Sizzler is a scripted segment written by several staffers. The writers at BWE are very generous and do allow me to improvise.

The Ride: Best Week Ever has been on for a while. The world seems to have gotten a lot crazier with everyone wanting his/her 15 minutes of shine. What are your thoughts?

Chuck: The great thing about everyone wanting their Andy Warhol time is most people don’t deserve it; this gives us ample opportunity to mock them… I mean pay homage to their efforts.

The Ride: Is there anything that BWE won’t talk about?

Chuck: We generally don’t make fun of puppies kittens or babies, unless they’re funny looking, like a puppy with the face of a baby.

The Ride:  Has anyone ever confronted you personally about what was said on the show?

Chuck:  I play a character on the show, so if anyone has a problem they’ll have to take it up with the Sizzler guy.

The Ride: How does a person, place or thing get to have “The Best Week Ever”?


Chuck Nice of VH1's 'Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins"
Chuck Nice of VH1's 'Best Week Ever with Paul F. Tompkins' (photo: VH1)


Chuck: That’s above my pay grade. I have been on the show from the first episode and I’ve never thought to ask that question; now I feel as though I should be more intellectually curious.

The Ride: I have to admit I find comedy and comedians fascinating. Do you think you’re funny?  In other words, do you laugh at your own jokes and quietly say to yourself, “They are going to pee on themselves when they hear this”?

Chuck: The only way I know I’m funny is because people tell me after my shows. It really doesn’t matter if a comedian thinks he/she is funny if the audience doesn’t agree. A man can think he’s a great lover, but truly it’s his partner who has the last word. By the way, my partner’s last words were get off of me.

The Ride: By the way, how did you get into the funny business?  And how would you describe your brand of funny?

Chuck: I got into Stand Up like most comedians – a scarred childhood; my style is more of a story telling style… by that I mean I start each joke with once upon a time.

The Ride: I know you tweet (@nicechucknice). I tweet too (@cwrite101).  A couple of my tweeples had questions for you. One was:  Where do you get your sweaters?  The other, I guess I can say is “fashion” related:  What is your favorite color underwear and do you wear boxers or briefs? [Yes, my some of my tweeples ain’t right in the head. That’s why I love them]

Chuck: I love fashion and living in NYC gives you the best opportunity for great shopping, but most of what I wear on the show belongs to wardrobe. As for the second question, I have an unfurnished basement. That’s right I’m free ballin’ and damned proud of it. Okay it’s boxer briefs.

The Ride: And finally, what would your best week ever look like?

Chuck: Any week where I get to see my kids grow and prosper is the best week for me. I don’t live my life for me any longer; they are the central focus of my being. Oh yeah, hitting the lottery and being stalked by Megan Fox wouldn’t be that bad either.

Thanks for the laughs Chuck.

(Update: Despite rumors, Best Week Ever has not been canceled  According to the VH1, it has gone on “hiatus” and is set to return in January 2010.  The companion show, Best Day Ever with Paul F. Tompkins, will return in the Fall.  Folks needing their BWE fix in the meantime can still visit BestWeekEver.TV)

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