In Fashion: Designer Alisha Trimble – Get Dressed, Get Inspired

You have to love a designer — an artist – who has love for the works of playwright Tennessee Williams, photographer Diane Arbus and rapper Kanye West and who had the wonderful audacity to call her clothing line, New Money.

That designer is Alisha Trimble.

The Ride talked to Alisha about her fashions, how they came to be, and some of her favorite things.

The Ride: Hey Alisha thanks for taking the time to chat with me. When did you first call yourself a “fashion designer” and how did you feel when you finally did it? (FYI: I was writing professionally for at least a year before I finally broke down and called myself a “writer”.)

Alisha: The minute I decided to become a designer, I announced it to everyone I know. By doing that, I attracted the resources and assistance that I needed to develop into a full fledged fashion professional.

Hair by Lee Jackson, Photo by Nicole Marie Polec, Makeup by Wenya Chang, New Money by Alisha

The Ride: If you could, fill in the blanks: My fashions are _________ meets __________.

Alisha: My fashions are Tina Turner meets Cinderella.

The Ride: Let’s play “My Favorite Things”. What is your favorite movie?

Alisha: Boom! by Tennessee Williams starring Elizabeth Taylor

The Ride: Favorite song?

Alisha: Flashing Lights by Kanye West

The Ride: Piece of art?

Alisha: Untitled Series by Diane Arbus

The Ride: Favorite fashion accessory?

Alisha: Alyssa Norton necklace

The Ride: What person, living or dead, would you like to design outfits for?

Alisha: Princess Diana

The Ride: Your first collection was Spring 06. You just presented your Spring/Summer 2010 line. How have you and your designs evolved from then to now?

Alisha: When I started I barely knew anything and taught myself from library books. But over the course of a few years, I’ve learned from working with other designers and grown to have a more cohesive look.

The Ride: By the way, love the name of your Fall 09 collection, “New Money” Where did that name come from? How does your collection represent “new money”?

New Money by Alisha (Fall 09)

Alisha: Diane Arbus had a theory that you choose a topic not because of what it means to you rather you simply choose the topic and the meaning unfolds as you do the work.  When the New Money idea came to me. I explored it out of curiosity. Through working with others, the collection came to be about feeling optimistic about the future and sharing hope with others.

New Money by Alisha (Fall 09)

The Ride:  During Fashion Week, you presented your lingerie collection called “Blanche DuMois” — love this name too — which was inspired by Tennessee Williams.  What inspired you do a lingerie collection?

Blanche DuMois by Alisha Trimble (Photos: Nicole Marie Polec; Makeup: Sarah Franzese; Hair: Rea Winter & ARROJO Studio; Jewelry Diana Warner; Fabric Necklaces: Anna Marcelli)

Alisha: I used to work for Cosabella Lingerie as well La Perla and I was always fascinated with the fit and beauty of lingerie.  I also wanted to diversify my line so different people can have access to it.

Blanche DuMois by Alisha Trimble (Photos: Nicole Marie Polec; Makeup: Sarah Franzese; Hair: Rea Winter & ARROJO Studio; Jewelry Diana Warner; Fabric Necklaces: Anna Marcelli)

The Ride: Saw your blog, Personal Fable, and the picture of you with Miss J from America’s Next Top Model. Where did you meet him (it didn’t say)? What was it like?

Alisha: That picture was taken at the GMHC Fashion Forward event. Gay Men’s Health Crisis Center is a great cause and their event was fantastic.

The Ride: And kind of on the subject of models, what do you look for in a model?

Alisha: I’ve had the good fortune of working with Claire Unabia, a participant in America’s Next Top Model. Now with Emmanuel New York Models, she never fails to produce gorgeous photographs and I’m always exceptionally thrilled to work with her.

The Ride: Oh before I forget, where can people get your clothes?

Alisha: Online at or at the Dressing Room

The Ride: And finally, in a world of your own choosing, what would be your fantasy? (e.g. designing the must have piece of the century)

Alisha: I would like to be picked up by a Paris fashion house, such as Yves Saint Laurent, and also continue to build my own New York empire.

The Ride: Thanks so very much Alisha.

Alisha: You’re welcome, Carla. It’s my pleasure.

***Attention Fashionistas and the Equally Fabulous***

Alisha has teamed up with ARROJO Studio for a pop up shop. ONE DAY ONLY.  Saturday, December 12. Details below.

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