What’s On Your List?: New MTV Series Explores ‘The Buried Life’

The question is simple: What do you want to do before you die?  Can you answer it?  Is it one single thing, a long held dream, or is it a list of seemingly random unconnected, desires, wishes that would satisfy your most capricious whims?

Four years ago, four friends asked themselves this same question.  They compiled a list of 100 things, boarded a bus and set about accomplishing the items on their list. Sounds great, yes?  Well, you haven’t heard the best part: For every item they are able to cross off, every task completed, dream achieved, they help a random stranger, who they ask that same question, achieve his/her desire.

The adventures of these fun-loving, free spirited and generous friends are captured in the new MTV series, The Buried Life (premieres Monday, January 18 at 10 p.m.).

During the first episode, the guys set about tackling #6 on their list, “Camp at Playboy Mansion”. In three days, the Mansion is holding its annual party. This year’s theme: “Willy Wonka Meets Alice in Wonderland”. Since this is their best chance of  getting on the mansion grounds, they quickly devise a plan. They will pose as Oompa Loompas…

Traveling the Road on 'The Buried Life' Bus (photo: PopTower)

…and as world renown soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo. Just let me say this: some things worked out well and others didn’t. Still fun was had by all.

In this time of uncertainty and much disillusionment, it’s nice to see people who not only believe that dreams can come true, but are willing to go forth and make those dreams a reality, not only for themselves, but for others as well.  And in this episode, the guys come across a 4th grade teacher who when asked that important question, said that he wanted to outfit his favorite class with a computer lab. To raise money for the lab, they put on an interesting (and I have to say rather impressive) street performance.

The Buried Life is a nice show.  It’s goofy and silly without being crazy. It’s heartfelt without being overly…mushy. The guys possess a frat boy kind of charm that’s infectious rather than obnoxious. And yes, it may look rather familiar, but in this case, familiarity will not breed contempt but a rather warm, comforting feeling.  And you will find yourself smiling, just because.

To learn more about the guys and to post your own list, visit their website, The Buried Life.

You can also follow them on Twitter (@theburiedlife)

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