Meet ‘The Glam Fairy’: Alexa Prisco of Style Network’s ‘Jerseylicous’

Don’t you wish you had a fairy godmother — a cool chick with some wings to grant your wishes and get you out of the rough spots? How about another kind of fairy — one that can make you absolutely fabulous on that special day, like a wedding day?

Well, my lovely, your wish (should this be your wish) has come true. I present to you Alexa Prisco, The Glam Fairy. Yes, Alexa is the one and only Glam Fairy and she’s one of the stars of the new Style Network reality series, Jerseylicious. (Sundays, 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific)

Before I go any further, let me set you straight about Jerseylicious, my new, not-so-guilty pleasure.  You won’t find hot tubs, hook ups and the messy madness that that other show about New Jersey, Jersey Shore, is known for. Jerseylicious centers around the Gatsby Salon, a Central New Jersey beauty salon run by mother and daughter team Gayle and Christy.

As the series begins, the two are reopening the salon after an extensive and costly remodel.

It’s not to say there isn’t some drama. New hires Olivia (makeup), who looks like a cuter, more charming Snooki (Yes, there’s the deep tan but no poof), and her nemesis Tracy (hair) go at it from time to time. Sometimes in the salon. Sometimes in the club.  The girls have known each other for a while.  Never friends but things got real heated when Tracey started dating Olivia’s ex. (Yes, it’s the tale of sloppy seconds)

Back to Alexa. She, who has her own, successful business, The Glam Fairy, is hired by Crystal and Gayle to work as a consultant, and to operate what would be a satellite “office” from the Gatsby with the hopes of attracting more clients to the salon.

Alexa is also put in charge of training Olivia — helping her to earn her wings so to speak.  What makes good glam fairy?  She must ask “WWAD” – What would Alexa do?

Alexa Prisco of Style Network's 'Jerseylicious' (photo: Style Network)

Alexa is a petite, sassy, funny, smart and smart alecky blond whose employees, 12 little glam fairies, call Lord Farquar after the vertically-challenged head of state from the movie/play Shrek. Alexa is all of 5 ft tall although she doesn’t appear so on camera thanks to her much loved designer high heels, one fave being a signed pair of Louboutins.

And please, don’t expect modesty from The Glam Fairy — that kind of ah shuckness that may be sincere or not.  Alexa knows her ish and she is the ish and ain’t afraid to let you know. Confidently, she declares herself the most successful bridal makeup artist in New York and New Jersey. Now you can’t say you haven’t gotten the memo.

So, since The Glam Fairy is a fairy like no other, would she still consider herself a “makeup artist” or something more?  Well, the answer to that question is a resounding, YES! “A makeup artist is an understatement to what I actually do. I transform people,” said Alexa who also serves as creative director on photo shoots, including the one seen on a recent episode of Jerseylicious. “They go from having a bad day to walking into a room and feeling great. I know how to pose them. I know a woman’s body.  I have an understanding of light and shadow and working with a three-dimensional canvas. The difference is that my canvas, unlike a painter’s, can talk back to me.” And speaking of painters, (awkward transition alert), Alexa learned light and shadow from her mom, painter Betsy Brown.

Like a I mentioned before, Alexa trains Olivia, who doesn’t even have a makeup kit of her own (and no one touches The Glam Fairy’s kit) to be a glam fairy by having her go through “glittery hurdles” which includes babysitting kids during a “Trash the Gown” photo shoot and bringing Alexa the right ply of paper towel to clean her brushes.  “She must earn her wings, ” said Alexa.

In addition to not wanting anyone to touch her kit, Alexa has some other rules/boundaries she has set. You must never, and I said never, disrespect The Glam Fairy. She has “dismissed” clients in the past. “I don’t deal with divas. I’m not a punching bag or some ex-boyfriend. I demand respect. I give respect…[With that said], I’m the first person who knows  how to calm a bride down.” And her fairies are require to have the same skill.

“I’m a good person and I do the right thing. I don’t take any crap,” said Alexa.

So, you know me, or you will after reading this, I always like to get that little something extra — tips from the experts on how to do things.  Admittedly, [hanging head in shame], I take the short yellow bus when it comes to makeup selection and application. Alexa gave me this bit of very solid advice. Don’t, she said, get some chick (me talking) at some makeup counter to apply makeup. They have what Alexa called ‘sell throughs”  — products they are obligated push whether they are suited for you or not, like hot pink lip gloss.

Alexa said don’t put pressure on yourself and try to learn how to apply makeup five minutes before you have to leave the house to going on a date. Play around with it. The time to play is when you are at home in your pajamas, listening to say Phil Collins (her fave). It’s about practicing . Also, you want to invest in some good brushes.

Other must-haves/dos according to The Glam Fairy: A good skin care regime is important. It’s all about having a clean, healthy canvas. Use a moisturizer (Alexa uses Creme de la Mer) and a use good facial wash containing approximately 12 percent salicylic acid. You can also add some mascara, lip gloss and some bronzer to the list.

The Cast of Style Network's 'Jerseylicious' (photo: Style Network)

I took a deep breath and summoned the courage to ask about “Jersey girls” and the stereotype. Well, as you might have guessed, Alexa ain’t no typical Jersey girl and cringes at the stereotypes which make it seem like all girls from The Garden State come “from the same petrie dish” wearing big hair, leopard prints and too deep tans.  “There is this misconception,” said Alexa. “Not all of us go to the shore. I’ve never been to Belmar or Seaside.”

Alexa’s idea of a good time is not jumping into a hot tub which she describes as a “cappucino of bacteria”) and becoming someone “bathtub buddy” but spending time at home with a glass of cabernet sauvignon, reading, watching 1980s “weird movies”, looking at the New York skyline and having a pasta dinner. Or perhaps going to Restaurant Week. In other words, “doing nice things”.

And she is no “golddigger” — another Jersey girl stereotype. “I don’t rely on a man.” Although Alexa works extensively with brides, she has no desire to marry.

You gotta love a girl…a woman…who in the same interview calls herself “the love child of Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick with a little more bronzer” and a “Diane Keaton with rhinestones.”

Finally, about the feud between Olivia and Tracy, you won’t find Alexa sporting a Team Olivia t-shirt (not that she would wear such a thing). “I don’t care [about the feud]. I focused on my relationship with Olivia,” said Alexa. “If you want to succeed, you have to be a focused person, work hard and you can’t involve yourself for one minute [in nonsense]. One minute spent on something petty is money out of your pocket.’

Want to glamorized by The Glam Fairy? For more information about The Glam Fairy company, click here.

To follow her on Twitter (@TheGlamFairy), click here.

For more info on “Trash the Dress” photo shoots, click here.

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11 thoughts on “Meet ‘The Glam Fairy’: Alexa Prisco of Style Network’s ‘Jerseylicous’

  1. she rocks. i love everything about her. I would love to learn how to do a smocky eye.i have been tryimg for months and just cant get it me 916-751-8039

  2. Alexa is amazing i would love….to learn how to be a Glam Fairy,i just finished cosmetology school and i wish i can learn some of Alexa’s steps to becoming an awesome professional stylist and makeup artist.If i can get some tips please email me… thanks……

  3. i love alexa she is the best make up artist i kno…… she can be mean sometimes but she can also be nice… she is really pretty>>> and has beautiful hair…. but thre is one thing i have always wondered and that is can she do anything other that a smokey eye >>> its pretty and i love it but i was just wondering can she do anything other than a smoky eye……….:}

  4. She is a complete and total ass-hat. While she might be talented, her fragile ego leads her to try and constantly correct or one-up others. As “entertainment”, her outsized ego and borderline narcissistic personality disorder make her pure torture to watch or listen to.

  5. alexa would be good if she wasnt so bitchy and sneaky, i have watched and seen that she doesnt care about anyone but her self, she is lovely in some ways but most things iv seen is bitchiing….. you have a smart way of saying things and wont listen to what people are trying to say.. but in a way your attitude is good cause you are not affraid to say how you feel but you just need to learn to say it at right times and not all the time. im not bagging you or trying to be mean i just wont to say how i feel , i reckon your a great make-up artist and a good at keeping your company, i know you could be a better person alexa !

  6. naturally like your website but you need to take a look at the spelling on several of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling problems and I to find it very troublesome to tell the reality on the other hand I’ll definitely come again again.

  7. Simply Beautiful Makeup NJ is up to par with Alexa. Lo needs to get on that show and let the feathers fly!!! It can be an awesome frenemies thing.

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