Talking With: Justin Valles of ‘ABDC’ Season 5 Winner Poreotix (UPDATE)

Justin Valles’ nickname may be Jet Li but he’s no martial artist. But he and fellow Poreotix crew members did pull off a spectacular feat involving some fancy footwork and a few cool tricks: They were crowned winners of America’s Best Dance Crew (ABDC) season 5 and are the recipients of the $100,000 cash prize.

In the finale, it was down to Canada’s Blueprint Cru and Westminster, CA’s Poreotix in the closest voting ever.  When it was announced that Poreotix, a popping and robotics crew with theatrics, had won, Justin said that the crew felt a lot of emotions. ” It was a blur for us. It seems amazing.”

Justin "Jet Li" Valles of Poreotix (photo: MTV)

According to Justin, their training in various dance styles did prepare them for the challenges but one thing they may not have been prepared for is the judges’ reaction to that unique style.”The judges were hard on us, ” said Justin. “They gave us little respect when we stuck to our style. They loved us when we stepped out of the box…[But] what made us stand out is our style of popping with robotics and we stayed true to ourselves.”

Not quite able to make fans of the judges, Poreotix set it sights on winning over the audience. “We tried to entertain and connect with the audience as much as we could.  They were happy with what they saw.”

So what’s next for Poreotix?  First, the crew will be participating in a live charity event with past grand prize winners, on Thursday, April 15 at 10 p.m. Eastern/(tape delay) Pacific.  ABDC is partnering with, anteen volunteer organization, “to honor (and highlight the cause of) five of’s most dedicated young social activists for their incredible contributions to their communities…The network will reward each of their organizations with cash donations to help augment their efforts.” (source)

The JabbaWockeeZ, Super Cr3w, Quest Crew, We Are Heroes and Poreotix will perform together and will also be partnered with a youth volunteer whose charity they will learn about through hands-on work with the organization, later performing exhibition routines in their honor.” (source)

Poreotix was paired with 18-year-old Jackie Rotham’s Santa Barbara-based organization, Everybody Dance Now (EDN!) which strives “to provide a healthy outlet to nearly 2,000 area youths who are considered at risk to join gangs.” (source)

Poreotix - 'America's Best Dance Crew' Champions -Season 5 (photo: MTV)

Once the charity performance is over, Poreotix is up for whatever comes next. “We’ll keep performing, get work and travel showing people what we can do. We came from humble beginnings. No luxuries. We used to practice in a living room. We didn’t have a studio to practice in. ABDC was our dream gig. Now we are looking forward to movie, tours.”

“[Being on ABDC] brought us closer together. We have learned a lot, not just about performing. You have to adapt to challenges (their most difficult one being the Hip Hop Challenge which crews had to perform various regional styles like “Baltimore House”). We also had to deal with the judges’ criticism.”

“My advice to anyone wanting to be on ABDC is to be yourself,” said Justin. “[Although] it took us a while to get on the show — we auditioned for both Season 3 and Season 4, finally making it on Season 5 — that’s what got us here.”

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Poreotics (a.k.a Poreotix) was nominated, alongside fellow collaborator and singer/songwriter/producer Bruno Mars, for a 2011 Video Music Award (VMA) for Best Choreography — “The Lazy Song’ by Bruno Mars.

One thought on “Talking With: Justin Valles of ‘ABDC’ Season 5 Winner Poreotix (UPDATE)

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