Band Geek Makes Play for Cheerleading Squad in MTV’s ‘Made, The Movie’

It’s the “feel good movie” of the summer. (I bet you never heard that one before)…And it’s on MTV.

Okay, my summer movie viewing is quite sparse. I did not eat, pray or love with Jules Roberts.  I passed on Salt featuring the spicy Angelina Jolie and the new Sly Stallone flick…well, it was…Okay, I’ll spare you another lame attempt at wittiness.

My summer movie viewing is limited to the small screen in the comfort of my own home. No crying babies (except for my very cute nephew).  No unidentifiable sticky substances underfoot. No overpriced snacks. And a new one for you:  No bedbugs.

So what’s the movie?  It’s simply called, Made, The Movie (premieres, Tuesday, August 24 at 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific).  An MTV original movie, Made,The Movie is based on Made the long-running documentary series in which high school Joes and Josies undergo significant transformations (often kicking and screaming) with help of mentor/coaches. Frogs become princes and Cinderella gets the dude and the cool shoes.

Nerds and nerdettes, geeks of every stripe, pretty boys and girls and jocks have been “made” into the likes hip hop dancers, snowboarders, prom queens…

….and cheerleaders.

I’ve never dreamed of becoming a cheerleader but Made, The Movie’s highs schooler Tuba (played by Cyrina Fiallo) has.

So you are wondering if Tuba is her real name because her parents were really “creative” the answer is no. Tuba, a band geek and a bit of an outcast, especially when compared to her superstar jock brother, Marshall  (played by Brett Dier),  seems to have little choice in what she is called. You might say “Tuba” is her “given” name.

MTV's 'Made, The Movie' - Tuba (Cyrina Fiallo) and Emerson (Stacey Farber) photo: MTV

Tuba’s good friend, is Emerson (Stacey Farber), a fellow bandie, who wears her iconoclasm on her sleeve — literally sporting on “Question Authority” patch on her band uniform.  Emerson, who “has never met a cheerleader she didn’t mock,” is the “leader” of a “band” (Can’t play. Can’t sing. Sucks terribly) called the “Pissdelles” (Get it? I almost didn’t). Needless to say, Emerson doesn’t share Tuba’s cheerleader dreams.

Tuba, the girl most unlikely to do whatever is seen as cool, signs up for cheerleader auditions to be the replacement for a squad member who is recovering from a serious butt injury (Yes, you read that correctly “butt” as in “behind” as in “bootay”. Okay, I’ll stop now.) She takes this action after her secret desire becomes not so secret during a celebratory house party given by her brother Marshall.

MTV's 'Made, The Movie' - Andi (Rachel Skarsten) and Tuba (Cyrina Fiallo)

When Marshall gets wind of Tuba audition plans, he’s mortified fearful that his coolness might be diminished as a result of what he believes would be his sister’s disastrous effort.  So, cool dude hatches a plan which involves his pretty blond girlfriend, Andi (Rachel Skarsten), who just happens to be head of the cheerleading chicks.  Andi will “coach/train” Tuba *wink, wink* to help *wink, wink* Tuba develop her cheerleading skills *cough, cough*

Well, of course, things do go as planned as Andi soon discovers Tuba is not playing. (Sorry, couldn’t resist. *hangs head in shame*)

That’s all you are going to get out of me.  Watch the movie. Although it’s quite predictable, it’s not painful and will put a smile on your face and have you cheering for the underdog.

For a sneak peek at Made, the Movie, click here...and here.

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