Next on the Runway, Diane Capozzi of TVLand’s ‘She’s Got the Look’ (Season 3)

As nubile, young waifs walk the runways of New York Fashion Week, another group of women — seasoned by life but still just as beautiful and certainly more fabulous — lay waiting in the wings for their turn on the catwalk.

These are the women of TVLand’s reality series, She’s Got the Look (SGTL) (Wednesdays, 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific).

SGTL, now in its third season, celebrate women, age 35 and over, as they compete for a contract with Wilhelmenia Models, and a photo spread in Self Magazine.

As it has done with fellow contestants, Nina Cash and Kathleen Neumann, The Ride asked Diane Capozzi her thoughts on the show, beauty as well as some advice to those of us seeking “The Look”.

On the Runway:  Diane Capozzi, 39

As it turns out three’s a charm for Diane who had auditioned for SGTL season 1 and 2 as well.

“As the only black daughter adopted into a white family, Diane considered herself “an outcast”. “A competitive swimmer, who “went on to qualify for the Olympic trials, Diane began to explore her “girlie side” in her 30s  and “discovered she always wanted to be a model”.

The Ride: Congrats on becoming a finalist for She’s Got the Look, Season 3! I wouldn’t have the courage to audition. What motivated you to audition for the show?

Diane: Never give up!!! I’ve tried modeling off and on for several years. Since entering my 30s, I have finally found a confidence and extreme passion I never had. I know I have something unique to offer the industry. No one will ever convince me to stop pursuing my modeling career and goals because of my age.

The Ride: What was the audition process like for you?

Diane: This was my third year to audition for the show and the process was the exact opposite from the past two years. I swear they created this year’s audition with my personality in mind! The entire process wasn’t very stressful. The casting directors based the majority of the audition on relateable, unique, attention-getting characteristics and personality, not just a model search for the next pretty face.

The Ride: What was it like to stand before the judges  (SGTL vets Wilhemenia Models president, Sean Patterson and celebrity stylist Robert Verdi. Newcomers SGTL host and model Brooke Burke and model and runway coach Roshumba Williams) on the show? They are a tough group!

TVLand's She's Got the Look (Season 3) Judges: R to L Robert Verdi, Brooke Burke, Roshumba Williams and Sean Patterson (photo: TVLand)

Diane: Standing before the judges gave me a feeling of nerve-racking vulnerability. I was always worried about what they would say about my clothes, character, and photos. At the same time, they had amazing words of wisdom, advice about the modeling industry, and tips on how to be the best model. I still apply their knowledge with the work I am doing today.

The Ride: In the past, when you looked into the mirror, what or who did you see?

Diane: In the past, when I looked in the mirror, I saw an outsider. I saw someone who was always second best. I would always ask why can’t I be prettier and why don’t boys like me? I just felt like I always missed the mark.

The Ride: Now that you’ve been on She’s Got the Look, how has the perception of yourself changed, if it has at all?

TVLand's She's Got the Look Season 3 Contestant Diane Capozzi, 39 (photo: TVLand)

Diane: Since being on the show, my perception of myself is a feeling of final acceptance. I truly belong in this industry and I have something unique to offer as a model. I see a beautiful woman inside and out.

The Ride: And I must ask, what does the phrase, “She’s Got the Look” mean to you?

Diane: The phrase, “She’s Got the Look”, means more than just outward beauty; it is being the complete package. She is articulate, poised, elegant, and confident. This “Look” will change the perception of what the ideal age and body type a model should be.

The Ride: I’m practically addicted to America’s Next Top Model. I learned from Miss Tyra Banks how to “smize” — smile with your eyes. What are some things you’ve learned about modeling and/or how to model that you didn’t know before?

Diane: Roshumba Williams and Brooke Burke taught us that mature women have so much more to offer than the younger models because we have so many more life experiences to pull from our memory. We can take the emotions from our life experiences and apply that mood, energy, expression to a photo shoot, commercial, or show/movie set.

TVLand's She's Got the Look's Diane Capozzi (photo: TVLand)

The Ride: What are some of your beauty secrets? (I selfishly ask).

Diane: My beauty secrets are simple. Lots of healthy eating peppered in with a few cheat days. Water, water, water, Vaseline, and sunscreen!!! Wash your face, brush your teeth, and most of all, keep stress to a minimal.

The Ride: Okay, I think it’s time to talk about the dreaded “PS” – not postscript but plastic surgery. Is it “Yes, do what you need to do to look good for you”, or “No, au natural all the way. “Love me, wrinkles and all” or “I’m kind of somewhere in between?”

Diane: When it comes to plastic surgery, I am somewhere in the middle. If you are excessive and obsessed with surgery to compensate for negative emotional issues, there is no amount of plastic surgery that will make you feel great about yourself. If you think a small tweak can help your confidence, then go for it!

The Ride: Since you are a fabulous doll of a certain age, I’m sure that you have younger people who look to you for guidance and older ones for inspiration. Do you have any words of wisdom for them?

Diane: You must be relentless. I am living proof that anything that is worthwhile, is worth the hard work and dedication. Don’t take no for an answer. If someone says no or closes the door in your face, keep trying. If you are passionate about your dreams and goals and truly believe in yourself, then you will succeed.

One thought on “Next on the Runway, Diane Capozzi of TVLand’s ‘She’s Got the Look’ (Season 3)

  1. Excellent feature, and as a model and talent agency owner in Scottsdale, AZ- I can well relate to what Diane has to say about mature models ‘not giving up’ as they have so much to offer in the industry. Go Diane! This is one fan who will keep routing for her… Gail M., Arizona Model and Actor Management, Scottsdale, AZ

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