5 Reasons Why I Love TVLand’s “Harry Loves Lisa”

*Rushes in breathing heavily* I’m late. That evil witch procrastination held me captive. Thank God I managed to break free, escape and get back on the road to productivity. Due to my “hostage situation,” I never quite got around to giving you a review of the new TVLand original docu-soap, Harry Loves Lisa (Wednesdays, 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific) featuring actor and L.A. Law alum Harry Hamlin and former soap star and TV hostess with the mostest, Lisa Rinna.

No more excuses and without further ado…

5 Reasons Why I Love Harry Loves Lisa

It answers the question, “What Ever Happened to Harry Hamlin?”. The formerly designated “Sexiest Man Alive” is trying to get back into the acting game after a long hiatus which was spent raising their two daughter, Delilah Belle, 11 and Amelia Gray, 8.  The hair a little grayer, the face more lined, Hamlin, still the polished thespian, has to undergo the often soul and spirit crushing audition process. Lisa, whose star has ascended while Harry’s descended, is there to give nurturing advice.  His willingness to do whatever it takes (which includes a stint as a stand-up comedian) sans any resemblance of diva-like (“Don’t you know who I am?” ) posturing, makes Hamlin endearing as well as relateable.

Hollywood Parents Yet Well-Adjusted Kids.  Harry and Lisa’s children are smart — not smart alecky — sweet kids. They are clearly the product of a hands-on approach to parenting. Harry and Lisa talk to their children not at them. They are straightforward and honest and maybe a bit old fashioned. The girls do their homework, bake cookies for charity and even reprimand their mother for cursing.  In a world where even pre-teens are mature beyond their years in often unhealthy and sometimes sexual ways, it’s nice to see young girls who are confident and not conflicted.

Pop culture sensation Lisa Rinna and her heartthrob husband, Harry Hamlin, star in TV Land’s new original reality series “Harry Loves Lisa". (photo: Courtesy of TV Land)

To See A How Good It Can Be.  It’s wonderful to see grown folks in a mature, healthy relationship. Harry and Lisa are clear about who they are as individuals and respect one another’s differences perfectly understanding what each brings to the party.

To Experience the Lisa in “Harry Loves Lisa.” Her energy. Here optimism. Her intelligence. Her straightforwardness. She holds it down for women of a certain age. And she looks great.

One of Hollywood’s most enduring‪ couples, Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna star in TV Land’s new original reality docu-soap “Harry Loves Lisa”. (photo: Courtesy of TVLand)

To Learn the Truth about Plastic Surgery. As a Real Housewives of Atlanta fan, I watched my fave, NeNe Leakes, as she underwent 3 procedures including rhinoplasty (plain English: nose job).  Despite some post-surgery moans, NeNe made the whole process seem as inncocous as a trip to the dentist to get her teeth cleaned.  Before we knew it, Miss NeNe was literally back on her feet, sipping her favorite alcoholic beverage and indulging in bra shopping — a little something to show off her newly modified cleavage.

But the truth is things can and do go wrong. Lisa’s trademark upper lip serves as an example. As a young woman, she had silicone injected in her upper lip thinking it would make her look better and perhaps feel better.  The silicone apparently hardened over time leaving her upper lip oddly disfigured. And now, some 20 years or more later, she not only regrets the decision but is willing to undergo reconstructive surgery which she hopes will correct the disfigurement.  The decision is a weighty one. She must take into consideration the example she is setting for her daughters, her husband’s feelings regarding the matter as well be mindful of all that could possibly go wrong under the knife. It’s reality television at its realist.

In the one-hour season finale (Wednesday, November 10 at 10 p.m. Eastern/Pacific), viewers will get to see Lisa’s journey complete with a few bumps (absolutely no pun intended) along the way. Click here for a sneak peek.

And you can chat live with Harry and Lisa during the finale. Log on using Facebook, Twitter or MySpace here.

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