An Invitation to Listen: Soul Artist Julie Dexter

Every day is Independence Day for Julie Dexter.

The indie soul songstress who has performed with such artists as Jill Scott, Mint Condition and Ledisi has, with her sound, declared her independence from the confines of contemporary music genres and the expectations that go along with them.

Julie Dexter’s jazz infused soul is a welcome respite from the often rough and ragged R&B and hip hop soul fusions.  It’s high-minded without being highfalutin.  Dexter, who is classically trained, clearly understands subtlety in all of its forms.  There will be no talk of “panties” and what might be done with them or to them. (Yes, I’m looking at you Trey Songz).  Mother, (who happens to be a mother), has respect for herself and her audience.

Her song “Come On Over’ on her latest album, New Again, is an invitation to sit, relax and enjoy while it soothes your mind, body and soul as you will be able to listen for yourself.  But before you do, I invite you to get to know Julie further.

The Ride: Hey Julie! Thanks for taking the time to speak with me. Is it “Julie”,” Miss Dexter”, or “Just Call Me ‘Fabulous’”?

Julie: Julie’s fine. [laughs]

The Ride: For those who aren’t familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?

Julie: Jazzy soul dipped in roots and reggae.

The Ride: I noticed on your website you have a list of favorite songs. One is “Departed” by Earth, Wind and Fire. How does a song make it on the list?

Julie: That list could actually be way longer. There are basically songs that have touched me at some point in my  life, either musically or lyrically. I can remember where I was when I first heard all the songs on that list.

Photo: Courtesy of Julie Dexter

The Ride: Speaking of making it on the list, how did you choose songs for your latest album, New Again?

Julie: I had about 30 songs to start with and had to choose 12 songs and went with what I felt were the strongest songs. I tried to pick a selection that I felt was varied musically enough to keep the listener interested and still had a message that they could get something from.

The Ride: What three things must we know about Julie Dexter?

Julie: I love God, homeschooling and sushi.

Photo: Courtesy of Julie Dexter

The Ride: Complete this sentence: When I sing I am…

Julie:  …in a zone where I feel I can spread wing and fly.

The Ride: What inspires you to sing?

Julie: Life, people, relationships (mine and other people’s), my children.

The Ride: Who would you like to sing a duet with?

Julie: Omar

The Ride: You’re from the UK and now live in the ATL. I can think of so many ways the ATL is different from the UK. But are there ways that the two cities are similar?

Julie: Both have a country vibe (in a good way), lots of trees,  people are generally polite.  Not so dog eat dog like in the big cities like London and New York.

The Ride: Gaga has her “monsters”. Bieber has rabid pre-teens. Today, it’s all about the fans – connecting with them on a deeper level than in previous times. Tell me about your fans.

Julie: My fans are real people from all walks of life who love and support THE MUSIC. Some of them are young folk and some of them are older with kids of their own so they want to hear something positive. They want to come out and experience a good show. They want to be elevated, uplifted, made to feel good inside. They want to see and hear musicians soloing. They want to feel like there money has been well spent.

The Ride: If you were a cocktail, which one would you be?

Julie: Cosmopolitan

The Ride: If you were to wish on a star, what would you wish?

Julie: I would want to put an end to child abuse.

To hear more from Julie Dexter, check out her website,

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