‘Tis the Season for Minneapolis Designer and ‘Project Runway’ Contestant Danielle Everine

Project Runway is back.  Are you in or out?

Twenty fashion design hopefuls, the largest group in the reality TV show’s history, will be sewing, cutting and clawing their way to the grand prizes in season nine of the famed Lifetime series.  If you happen to tune into the premiere episode which airs on July 28 at 9 p.m. (Eastern/Pacific), don’t get too attached to any one designer; you just might get your feelings hurt. Four of them will be eliminated at the end of the episode.

*cue “It’s a Small World”*

On which I’m certain was a very cold day in March, I spoke with Project Runway season 9 contestant and Minneapolis native Danielle Everine for Examiner.com.

Here are excerpts from that interview, The Art of Fashion and Designer Danielle Everine:

Like a sculptor using fabrics as her media, Minneapolis-based fashion designer Danielle Everine creates art for the human form.

“I pursued a fashion degree while studying in London. I returned to Minneapolis to study the art of fashion at the University of Minnesota,” said Everine. “Focusing on sculptural clothing, I developed a place where I could exist in fashion and in the art world. Much of my work there concentrated on the subversion of oppressive beauty standards.”

Like many local designers, so it seems, Everine works full time squeezing in design and sewing time when she can.

Recently, Everine talked about beginning, the Danielle Everine woman and who the woman, Danielle Everine, is.

Danielle Everine (left) and model (Photo: Courtesy of Sarah White)

Who is Danielle Everine?

Danielle Everine is an artist and designer living in Minneapolis. Preferring to work from abstract concepts, themes of gender, conflict, strength and vulnerability often take form in her garments. She pairs fine materials, intricate construction and classic tailoring. The well-cut garments offer a dual utility suitable for formal commitments as well as a cycling lifestyle. Favoring natural fibers, the clothes have an ease that recalls a bygone era. Silk, linen, wool, cotton and leather dominate her fabric palate.

Who is the Danielle Everine woman?

A woman who appreciates feminine tailoring. She is as delicate as she is alley cat.

From Danielle Everine's "Pale Rider" collection (Photo: Courtesy of Danielle Everine)

What does she cook for brunch?

Eggs Florentine

How do you come up with the titles of your collections?

The Pale Rider collection (shown last year at a joint runway show with [local] designer Raul Osorio) embraced traditional Wild West styles while converging with biblical imagery of Revelations, the last book in the New Testament. The supernatural imagery and iconography described in this book relate to western films.

The horses, riders, clouds and sky are represented in the west. The fear of death and need for bravery was nigh, these people journeying west at times felt as though God was ending the world. Channeling the iconic heroine Annie Oakley, who could out shoot Jesse James, this collection is a celebration of feminine virtue far beyond domestic life.

From Danielle Everine's "Pale Rider" collection (Photo: Courtesy of Danielle Everine)

Inspired by the classic western starring Clint Eastwood, the title Pale Rider evokes vulnerability, fortitude, the Wild West and one of the horsemen of the apocalypse.

When you design, how do you begin?

I begin with an abstract concept I’m drawn to – heroines, Wild West, gender roles (and how they play out in clothing), delicacy and vulnerability. I combine it with a limited method of construction, fabric and materials and color palate

Where are you your most creative?

Inspiration is all around me. Anywhere I can be in my own mind for a while.

Continue reading on Examiner.com The art of fashion and designer Danielle Everine – Minneapolis Fashion | Examiner.com http://www.examiner.com/fashion-in-minneapolis/danielle-everine-article#ixzz1S5EyTe7L

For more about Danielle Everine on MyLifetime.com, click here.

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