Need a ‘Reality Check’?…I’ve Got One for You (Update)

Hello Fab Ones!

Hope you haven’t been fried, dyed and laid to the side by the crazy hot temps we’ve been having. While I’ve been inside basking under the coolness emanating from my air conditioner, I decided to let my voice be heard…like, for real. Hence, my decision to start a podcast. I may be a little late to the podcast party but we can still have fun anyway. Virtual drinks on me!

Called, Carla Ray’s Reality Check, it will feature news and my views on the goings on in the all too messy world of reality TV. (UPDATE: Reality Check is on Facebook. Feel free to “like” if you’d like.  Click here for the page.)

In the spirit of The Ride, this is just another stop along the journey.

Rest your weary eyes and take a listen to the Carla Ray’s Reality Check demo.  Who’s getting checked this week?  Basketball Wives 4 .   (UPDATE: This is episode 34. Yes, I’ve come a long way baby. Fist pumps for everyone!)

So what do you think? Inquiring minds — okay, this inquiring mind — wants to know. It’s all about me giving you my best and making that best better and better with each podcast.  To follow, Carla Ray’s Reality Check, click here.

Tami Roman, "Basketball Wives" (photo: Courtesy of

4 thoughts on “Need a ‘Reality Check’?…I’ve Got One for You (Update)

  1. omg…this was really funny…seriously…almost as much as Jen’s wet hair…lawd..that was priceless…I liked the podcast….I was working on a project but could still get caught up…by listening…pretty sweet 🙂

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