Wickedly Funny Monique Jones of Style Network’s ‘Wicked Fit’ (Update)

If you’re looking for a show to add to your TV viewing menu, one that doesn’t involve wives or knives but is still full of sass but a lot less crass, Style Network has a treat for you and it’s Wicked Fit.

Wicked Fit (Update: New Time/Same Day: Sundays, 12 a.m. Eastern), which features Boston’s own Katie Boyd, owner of the Miss Fit Club gym, will exercise your funny bone without working your nerves.

Katie’s crew includes her beefcake personal assistant Markus Ricci, pageant hopeful Sola Okenla and beefing BKFs (Best Friends of Katie) PR gal/Miss Connecticut 2009 Monica Pietrzak and trainer-in-training Monique Jones who delivers delicious one-liners like Domino’s delivers pizza.

The Ride caught up with pageant veteran Monique who has just finished working with hopefuls vying for the Miss Massachusetts USA and Miss Massachusetts Teen USA crowns. She talked about the show, her own Todders and Tiaras-type experience and the craziest thing she ever witnessed backstage at a pageant.

The Ride: Hey Monique! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. Love Wicked Fit and your wickedly funny one-liners.  How do you like being on reality TV?

Monique: Being on the show has definitely been a trip! It’s kind of like being in a never-ending pageant…A lot of makeup, cameras flashing and costume changes, and I wouldn’t change it for anything!!!

(l to r) Monica Pietrzak, Katie Boyd and Monique Jones of Style Network's 'Wicked Fit' (photo: Courtesy of Monique Jones)

The Ride: What are some of the unexpected pluses and minuses of it all?

Monique: The pluses are that it’s a great opportunity that not everyone has the chance to experience. I learned a lot about myself during this process and how far I could really push myself. I also learned what it’s like to function off of no sleep! The only minus would have to be the blogs. No one wants to read about the nasty things people say about you. I liked it better when people just talked trash behind your back!!!

The Ride: You and Katie go way back and seem to go together like red beans and rice or a glass of wine and good TV (I lead a boring life.). When did you first meet and what’s the secret to your lasting friendship?

Monique: Katie and I met waaaaaaay back in the day while competing in beauty pageants together. I think the best thing about our friendship is that we’ve never been jealous of one another and we’ve always been so supportive of each other. Katie and I are very honest people and if you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by us! [laughs]. Our honesty and loyalty to each other is very important to us and I’m very lucky to have a best friend like her.

The Ride: Aren’t you guys in business together — like a tanning business?

Monique: Katie and I co-own MoKa Tanning together, which is a spray tan business we started together when Katie opened the gym.

The Ride: How’s business?

Monique: Business is great! This is our busy time of the year; pageant season keeps us pretty busy.

The Ride:  Tanning Question: Is there a fine line between being tannerific tan and OMG Oompa Lumpa?

Monique: It’s not a fine line darling, it’s a neon sign that says, “Don’t go there girlfriend.” When you start to look like a new Crayola crayon, it’s time to seek help…

Monique Jones of Style Network's 'Wicked Fit' (photo: Tess & Houser Photography)

The Ride: You’ve been in pageants. Were you and your mom all toddlers and tiaras or did your start out much older?

Monique: I started competing in pageants at 4 years old and my God was I a mess! For talent, I twirled around the stage to Lionel Richie’s Ballerina Girl. I had no idea what was going on. I was the only kid who didn’t receive an award…Not even best nose picker!!!!

The Ride: What’s the craziest thing that you have witnessed (or have been a part of) backstage at a pageant? I’m assuming it involves somebody’s wig getting snatched.

Monique: I once saw a girl use butt glue (body adhesive) on her lady bits to prevent a “camel toe” in swimsuit!!! I still can’t believe that seemed like a good idea to her…

A Bit of Randomness

SpongeBob or Elmo?

Neither, I’m grown…

Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga?

I guess I’ll go with Lady Gaga, I love to dance and she has some hot beats.

Fake or Real?

Depends on the subject. Handbags? REAL!!! Tans? FAKE!!!

Favorite Candy?

Reese’s Pieces

Which Barbie are you?

Her brown friend, Teresa…And I would be Diva Teresa

If your life was a soap opera, what would you call it?

Crowns and Glory

The Ride: I love your tips on MyStyle.com.  What three things do you always carry in your purse?

Monique: Lots of Chanel lip gloss, Chanel No. 5 and extra earring backs.

Monique Jones of Style Network's 'Wicked Fit' (photo: Tess & Houser Photography)

The Ride: Back to the show:  Markus, Katie’s assistant, is some major eye candy and you two have some wonderful chemistry. Are you just going to just look or are you going get a piece of that?

Monique: [laughs] A lady never reveals her game plan!!!

The Ride: Not necessarily sweet is your relationship with Monica. Why do you think you two seem to butt heads?

Monique: I think we’re both very strong, intelligent women and we both enjoy being the alpha female. She may have won the crown, but I ALWAYS win the argument!

The Ride: It’s nice that Katie’s mom and your mom are on the show. They are so cool! How is your mom handling being on TV? Heard the other night on the AMAs (American Music Awards)  Nicki Minaj’s say that her mom has gotten herself a publicist and is looking to do a gospel album. Has your mom gone Hollywood yet?

Monique: My mother hates watching herself on television! I think she looks beautiful, and I think it’s awesome that she gets recognized. I’m pretty sure that my mother enjoys being in the background and helping me pick out my clothes.

The Ride: What’s the greatest advice your mom ever gave you?

Monique: My mom gives me advice ALL the time…Even if I didn’t ask for it!!! Her best advice throughout the filming process was to be true to myself.

The Ride:  I told you guys that I love that you’re repping B-town. Don’t shoot me, but I’ve never been to Boston. If I was to visit, what’s one place that I must see?

Monique: Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club, obviously!!!!

The Ride: I love how you show love to your fans. What do the Wicked Fit fans mean to you?

Monique: Fans of the show are a vital part of our popularity and the show in general. I really appreciate when people who watch the show have such positive feedback and genuinely enjoy us and the show. Love you guys!!!

The Ride: What should we expect to see in upcoming episodes?

Monique: In the upcoming episodes you can expect, more drama, Cupid shooting his arrow, sweat, tears and glitter…Lots of it!!!

The Ride: What’s your favorite quote?

Monique: “A lady will always get by.”

The Ride: Thanks Monique! You Rock!

If you want more of Monique, connect with her on Twitter (@MoKaTanning) or Facebook (click here).

And for my review of Wicked Fit, check out this excerpt from the Carla Ray’s Reality Check podcast.

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4 thoughts on “Wickedly Funny Monique Jones of Style Network’s ‘Wicked Fit’ (Update)

  1. Great interview Carla !! Monique is a great gal.What you see is what you get, she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I think you captued her perfectly in this interview. She is very grounded and will remain that way. We are a very close knit family as that was the way our mother raised us. We are strong, loving ,caring people and nothig will change that. Even though some of the blogs do forget that…… she is a person like everybody else with feeling., we are hurt when hurtfull things are said about our love ones.
    Thank you for sharing our Monique with the rest of the world!

  2. I had the great pleasure of meeting Monique and her sweet Mom at the Ms American Spirit pageant in Orlando this past weekend…my daughter and I both were in awe of how extremely beautiful and humble this lovely lady is, and took an instant liking to her. I was a vendor at the event, and she stopped by to inquire about my products, of which she entered a drawing to win $200 worth. When we did the drawing at the end of the day, she just so happened to be the lucky winner! Then, she went on to win the pageant! I feel so honored to have made her acquaintance! Sure hope she enjoys her body wraps and defining gel! 😉

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