Working It! Q&A with Katie Boyd of Style Network’s ‘Wicked Fit’ (UPDATE)

If you want a lot less ridiculousness in your Sunday nights (Don’t ask. Your eyes will thank you.) and your channel changing finger is getting workout finding something that’s pleasing to your TV viewing palate, check out Style Network’s newest reality show, Wicked Fit. (UPDATE: The time of show has been changed from Sundays, at 9 p.m.Eastern to Sundays at 12 a.m. Eastern).

Wicked Fit is about former pageant participant and current fitness club owner Boston’s Katie Boyd, HCIC (Head Chick in Charge) of Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club, who when it comes to her tart and salty tongue, doesn’t always exercise much restraint — but that’s what makes her all the more fun to watch.

Katie gets her sauciness directly from the source, her Portuguese mom, Terry, who along with other members of the KB (Katie Boyd) crew — three sassy girls (Two and a half really. Not a half a girl, but just half as sassy) and one buff boy — work with Katie to help her grow her business.

The uber-busy Katie took time out of her schedule to chat with The Ride about the show, being dragtastic, and why size doesn’t always matter.

The Ride: Hey Katie! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. I adore you and the KB (Katie Boyd) Miss Fit crew. I hope you had as much fun doing the show as I’ve had watching it. Has being on reality TV been a barrel of laughs or one big pain in the butt?

Katie: It’s defiantly been extremely fun! If we could sell the bloopers reel for this show, we would make millions because the cast is so funny! It has its trying moments trying to run my business while trying to be on point for filming. But, at the end of the day, I wouldn’t change it for the world!

The Ride: You’re living a diva’s dream. How did you come to have a show centered around you and all of your fabulousness?

Katie: I think the reason why people were attracted to me and making a show centered around me is because I’m real and I stand for what I believe in. I’m very outspoken and I will never change for anyone.

Cast of ‘Wicked Fit’   (L to R) Markus Ricci, Monique Jones, Katie Boyd, Terry Boyd, Monica Pietrzak (photo:

I also think because the concept of my gym is so different, not just because the pink equipment and lady eccentric, [but also] because I just don’t fit the norm of a trainer. I’ve had my struggles with my body image and people can relate to that. People want to watch shows about people with attainable lives and my life is defiantly attainable. I’ve worked very hard to get where I am. The generation of people who are watching the show at the end of day appreciate me and what I stand for.

The Ride: File this under ‘People Say the Darndest Things’. Let’s talk about Omid (Maxey), that darling *cough cough* queen of a man who helped you with some of your promotions like your pop up pageant (Brilliant idea!) and your fitness video, who said you looked like a drag queen.

The amount of control you exercised was admirable. I would have given him my best verbal pimp slap (verbal because I’m not trying to break a nail or catch a charge). Your response was that you considered it a compliment of sorts. What is it that you love about drag queens?

Katie: I’m obsessed with drag queens because they are proud of who they are and not afraid to show it. Life is too short to be living it by how other people think or expect you to live. So if everyone explored their inner drag queens, the world would be a more harmonious place.

Katie Boyd of Style Network’s ‘Wicked Fit’ (photo: E! Online)

The Ride: If you were a drag queen, what would be your drag name?

Katie: Downtown Brown!

The Ride: Omid also brought up the subject of your weight saying that you don’t exactly look like someone in the fitness business, which is populated with itty bitty babes and buff boys. Once again, you exercised a great deal of control in your response. Should size matter when it comes to being a fitness instructor?

Katie: I don’t think it should because I would probably kick half of the trainers asses that are a size 0. A trainer doesn’t have to be ripped to be in shape. A lot of men and women all over the country wake up miserable everyday because they will never look like models in magazines. I lived like that for almost my entire life — trying to be perfect. [When] I was thin, people would say I was anorexic or too skinny and now I’m a normal size, people call me fat…So you have to just be happy the way you are meant to be.

Katie Boyd of Style Network’s ‘Wicked Fit’ (photo:

The Ride: You have a budding love interest on the show, Matt, who’s everything you never wanted in a man but yet you find him attractive nonetheless. You are known to say some pretty wild things but what’s the craziest thing a guy who’s trying to get your attention (a.k.a. holla at you) ever said to you?

Katie: “Is that Windex in your pants? Because I see myself in them!” Let me tell you he got a margarita corneal burn that night at the bar!

The Ride: You’re also known for prepping pageant hopefuls. What are some major misconceptions about pageants and the girls who participate in them?

Katie: People think it’s more like a hobby and that the girls are dumb. To be honest, these girls are some of the smartest women on the earth! They aren’t just beautiful, most of them have graduated from the most prestigious schools! They train for these pageants like an athlete.  They eat, breath and sleep pageantry from training, to eating every 2-3 hours, to perfecting their walk, to their styling, interview preparation, talent, hair and makeup. A lot of work goes into it; it’s not just about looking beautiful. [And they do it] while holding down a full time job and going to school. How many people can honestly say they do those things?

The Ride: I read that you are starting an anti-bullying campaign. Very cool! How are you going to stop haters from having their way?

Katie: One of the best things that could’ve happened to me was to be bullied after the show came out. I actually was never bullied in my life until now — for my deep voice, my weight or whatever else it may be — and now I can relate to people who have been bullied on a daily basis. I want to travel and go into schools and talk about my experience and also would like to gear kids’ stories in school towards this in hopes that they can stand up and defend themselves.

The Ride: I’m not into beefs. I’m a vegetarian. When should you hold your peace and when should you give someone a piece of your mind?

Katie: I’m more of a cut somebody out of my life kind of girl. I used to be very confrontational especially when someone would talk about my family or my friends. But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that the only people that matter to me the most in my life are my family and close friends. Sometimes silence is the best medicine.

The Ride: Since it’s all about me all the time, I’m a skinny broad with back fat. How the hell did that happen? Seriously, how did that happen and how can I make it go away?

Katie: Anytime you’re thin and you have excess skin, it’s because you need to weight train. Women do cardio until the cows come home thinking it will make them thin and yes, it will, but that’s not what will form muscle. You still need to weight train!

Some Randomness

Chicken or fish?


Candy canes or candy corn?

Candy corn!!

Miss Piggy or Elmo?

I’m the brunette non-puppet Miss Piggy, she’s hot!

How do you like your eggs?

Over easy!

Favorite fairytale?

Sleeping Beauty because sometimes I’m so tired I wish I could prick my finger on a spindle and fall asleep for a little bit.

The Ride: Back to the show: I think saw you and your mom, Terry (who is the awesomeness, by the way) say on Facebook/Twitter that you have Wicked Fit fans in Australia. What is it like to have fans in foreign countries? Oh hell, what is it like to have fans, period?

Katie: I think it’s so cool that our show is international. Australian people and people overseas have more of my type of sense of humor. It feels so great for people to understand me and enjoy how my mind works.

The Ride: What’s your favorite quote?

Katie: Two of my favorite quotes are “Never eat more than you can lift” and “Let your haters be your motivators!”

The Ride: Finally… ‘All I want for Christmas (fill in the blank)’

Katie:  …is a Swarvorski Crystal-covered merkin [smiles]. No honestly…I just want my family and friends to be together and enjoy each other.

The Ride: Thanks Katie!

To connect with Katie on Twitter, click @KTBoydBoston. On Facebook, click here.

And for all the facts on Katie Boyd’s Miss Fit Club, click here.

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