Happy Glamuary! – A Q&A with Jon Kutlu of Style Network’s ‘Glam Fairy’

Happy Glamuary!

Santa may have left you the present you never asked for. The Tooth Fairy put pocket change under your pillow.  But the glitziest of them all, The Glam Fairy, promises to leave you both looking good and feeling great.

The Glam Fairy , a.k.a. Alexa Prisco, after spending some time working her smokey eye magic at the Gatsby Salon on Style Network’s Jerseylicious got a chance to spread her wings on the spin-off series Glam Fairy whose season one finale airs this Sunday, January 15 (8 p.m. Eastern).

Glamming it up with Alexa at the Glam Factory, Glam Fairy central, are salty wardrobe stylist Glamo, hair stylists Sharie Manon and Briella Calafiore, makeup artist Jessica Romano, assistant Alexa ‘A2’ Hand and Alexa’s gay bestie and her everything, Jon Kutlu.

The Ride made a stop to chat with Jon about the show, GBFFs, why he goes at it with Glamo and how he met The Glam Fairy.

The Ride: Hey Jon! Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. What’s it like to be on a hit show?

Jon: It’s very surreal! Most of the time, it completely slips my mind that I’m on TV. I only remember when it’s time for a new episode or when someone comes up to me for a picture. It’s a feeling I can’t describe. But I love it.

The Ride: What’s it like being on reality TV? The question always is, “Is it really ‘real’ or is it really ‘scripted'”?

Jon: Being on reality TV is a huge risk for anyone to take; we’re basically putting our lives out there for the public to appreciate, ridicule, judge, etc. However, if I can make at least one or two people laugh, then it’s all worth it. It’s totally real, and sometimes that can be scary…because some things are just so unbelievable, but they do happen.

Jon Kutlu of Style Network's 'Glam Fairy' at the Glam Factory (photo: courtesy of Style Network)

The Ride: And speaking of really ‘real’ as in ‘really contentious’, what do you think is behind the beef between you and your arch nemesis Glamo?

Jon: I don’t really sit and think too much of the beef between us two. Glamo is Glamo, and I am me. Are we ever going to get along? Probably not. You know those people who just meet other people and the second they meet them, they know they’ll never be friends? It’s like that…but maybe a little worse.

The Ride: By the way, did you know Glamo before the show?  If so, what was your first encounter like? Did your sharp tongues do any damage?

Jon: Glamo and I used to bump into each other at gay clubs in NYC and on almost every occasion there was always some sort of issue…It’s at that point where I’m just like, “Leave me alone.”

The Ride: You’ve been BFF’s with Alexa for a while. How long have you known each other? Tell me about the first time you met Alexa and all of her over-the-top fabulousness.

Jon: I met Alexa 8 years or so ago in college. I walked into class and she was the only girl in the room with blond hair and a designer handbag. I knew she was the person I wanted to sit next to. I know it sounds superficial, but I was 18 you’re allowed to be superficial between the ages of 18 and 23. I sat next to her and she took a liking to my pants and asked, “Are those linen-blend?” And the rest is history.

Alexa Prisco and Jon Kutlu of Style Network's 'Glam Fairy' (photo: courtesy of Style Network)

The Ride: What’s one thing we would be surprised to learn about Alexa?

Jon: She is an AMAZING cook.

The Ride: What’s one thing we would be surprised to learn about you?

Jon: I’m psychic with strong intuition and I interpret dreams and read tarot cards.

The Ride: I need a gay BFF because I need help in so many ways I can’t even count. What are three things I should be looking for in a GBFF?

Jon: Honesty, bravery, and shopping skills.

Okay, now for A Bit of Randomness…

(Fill in the blank) is a girl’s best friend.

I’m a girl’s best friend — diamonds are just the accessories that come along.

Less or More?

More fun, less work.

Me or You?

Together  *smiles*

Barbie or Ken?

Neither — RoboCop!

I can’t get enough of (fill in the blank)


Jon Kutlu of Style Network's 'Glam Fairy' (photo: courtesy of Style Network)

The Ride: I know you are pretty busy with being Alexa’s GBFF and working at the Glam Factory, but is there anything else you’re up to?

Jon: I’m deep into spirituality and running at the moment. I’m trying to get myself better on both a spiritual and physical level. I’m also doing photo shoots and trying to get into more modeling.

The Ride: Back to the show: I love folks who interact with their fans and you do a wonderful job of that. If you could hold a fan appreciation event, what would it be?

Jon: I get to be a fan’s best friend for a day.

The Ride: What is one thing or one moment that you’ll remember about this season of Glam Fairy?

Jon: In a fun sense, it would be when I asked Glamo how much he paid for his face during our footballers episode. In a real, deep sense, it would be the moment when we were transforming the drag queens and they helped to transform me as well and becoming more open with my mom.

Thanks Jon!

To hang out with Jon on Twitter, click here or on Facebook.  To learn more about Style Network’s Glam Fairy, click here.

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