This Girl Just Wants to Have Fun: Angelina Favuzza of Oxygen’s ‘Brooklyn 11223’

A soap opera set in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Oxygen’s reality series, Brooklyn 11223 centers around the beef between former friends Christie Livoti and Joey Lynn Tekulve, with Christie having accused Joey Lynn of having relations with (i.e. banging) her ex-beau Roberto. An allegation, Joey Lynn vehemently denies.

Supporters and friends have taken sides in the matter, with each girl now rolling with her own crew. And the girls who constitute Team Christie and Team Joey Lynn don’t play, going hard for their respective crew “chiefs”.

If you want soft and cuddly, get yourself a teddy bear.

On Team Christie is Angelina Favuzza, a big tawker, who likes to have big fun, which often involves partying with one of her best girls from Team Christie, who she describes as the Black Barbie of Brooklyn, Kelly Linton.

If you can’t find Angelina in the club or at a cool house party, you can find her in popping bottles of Corona poolside, getting some sun on her face…or perhaps getting in the faces of some Team Joey Lynn members during what has become regular confrontations.

Ready for the ride that is reality TV, Angelina is armed with an ample supply of one-liners and a personality that just won’t quit.

The Ride caught up with Angelina to chat about the show, why Team Christie is cooler, and what she’s got to say about giving Bay Ride, BK (Brooklyn), a “bad name”.

The Ride:  Hey Angelina! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me. How are excited are you about being on Brooklyn 11223? Have you always wanted to be on TV? And have you always wanted to be on reality TV?

Angelina Favuzza and Christie Livoti of 'Brooklyn 11223' (Photo Courtesy of Angelina Favuzza)

Angelina: I’m actually really excited to see with this opportunity can bring for us. You never know,  it’s sink or swim. I love being center of attention and I don’t get nervous easily so it’s cool. I actually always wanted to be a teacher because I love children, it’s a great feeling.

The Ride: The question always is, ‘How real is any reality TV show?’ You all look pretty real to me. Do you think things get a little too ‘real’ on the show?

Angelina: We are def [initely] real. I mean it’s crazy because the whole time we are natural on camera as if were born for this, but we totally are a big family and like any family the siblings fight. Nothing can ever be too real because we aren’t acting we are being the crazy bunch of 20-somethings that hopefully the world will love.

The Ride: How long have you known Christie and do you think Christie’s crew is the cooler of the two crews?

Angelina: I’ve known Christie I’d say 4 to 5  years and yeah, we are totally cooler. [laughs] We are a big puzzle and all our personalities click. We feed off of each other. None of us are the same, but together, we fit and make sense.

The Ride: I see it now, folks are going to be talking about how Brooklyn 11223 is giving Bay Ridge a ‘bad name’. What would you say to someone who’s talking that talk?

Angelina: They should be happy that they are getting attention and people will wanna come there and give the Bay Ridge community a piece of the pie attractions-wise. Why not take the free publicity?

The Ride: I love you girl, but you do seem like you have a lot of time on your hands. What’s your day job besides drinking a few Coronas and lounging about the pool?

Angelina: I’m a waitress in a luncheonette in my neighborhood Bergen Beach and I babysit. Also, I am trying to finish getting my degree in early childhood education. But during the summertime, I do like to enjoy lounging around with the girls in my pool for some Coronas.

Carla and Angelina of Oxygen's 'Brooklyn 11223' (Photo credit: Patrick Harbron/Oxygen Media)

The Ride: You also seem to like the boys…a lot. What three qualities do you like in a hottie?

Angelina: [laughs] I just get along well with boys. l like my boys meaty (big boy), fun and respectful.

A Bit of Randomness

Favorite club song?

Right now my favorite song is ‘Wild Ones’ by Flo Rida. I can listen to it on repeat and just sing and dance in the car.

Favorite Candy

Sour Straws strawberry

Favorite Italian Ice Flavor


Bay Ride boys are _________


Madonna or Rhianna?


The Ride: What can viewers of Brooklyn 11223 hope to see from you this season?

Angelina: I’m a ball of fun always down for a good time and I always speak my mind. I have a lot of good one-liners

The Ride: Give me three words that you would use to describe Brooklyn 11223?

Angelina: Real, unscripted, friends.

Thanks Angelina!

Check out Angelina on Twitter (@linababieee) and Facebook. And for more about Brooklyn 11223, visit the show’s Facebook page.

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