Meet the Black Barbie of the BK: Kelly Linton of ‘Brooklyn 11223’

It’s all about taking sides and talking trash on Oxygen’s Brooklyn 11223 (Mondays, 11/10c) with breaks taken to have a bit of fun.

It began with the breakdown of the relationship between former besties and Bay Ridge party girls Joey Lynn Tekulve and Christie Livoti. Christie accused Joey Lynn of getting down with her ex-boyfriend. Joey Lynn swears on all that she holds holy and dear that she’s not the kind of girl to do something like that.

Now, it’s she said versus she said with the whole ‘hood talking about what may or may not have happened. And everyone has taken to asking, “Whose team are you on?”

Kelly Linton and Angelina Favuzza, friends and partners in fun from their Catholic school days, are Team Christie. Fashionista Kelly, who Angelina calls the “Black Barbie of Brooklyn,” is always ready to take it to the streets on behalf of the team.

Recently, The Ride chatted with Kelly about being on Brooklyn 11223, beefing with Joey Lynn’s crew and Black Barbie style.

The Ride: Hey Kelly! How’s it going? Thanks so very much for taking the time to chat. What has the response been to you being on the show? Has there been a lot of love or have the haters come out of hiding?

Kelly: So far it’s been a mix of both — good and bad. There has, of course, been haters but really who cares about them! I’m just loving all the fans and people who take the time to really show their support for the cast.

The Ride: How did you become involved with the show in the first place?

Kelly: I was playing online randomly and just came across this casting. I wrote in about me and my crazy Brooklyn friends and it took off from there.

The Ride: I have to say, you seem to always be beefing with someone (namely Valona) from Joey Lynn’s crew. Why do you always seem to be running into them and having run-ins with them?

Kelly: These areas are very close, so most of the time we are gonna end up in the same places. I try to avoid the drama but sometimes it just happens and as we can see, I never back down from saying what I feel.

(Left to Right) Christie's Crew: Christie Livoti, Carla Cozzolino, and Kelly Linton of 'Brooklyn 11223' (Photo Courtesy of Kelly Linton)

The Ride: Can you even considered that Joey Lynn might be telling the truth?

Kelly: Yes I have considered at one point that Joey Lynn might have been telling the truth just ’cause it’s gone for so long and who would lie for this long?…But I’ve also learned that people will always shock you and would do anything to save themselves. So I guess we will see what happens.

The Ride: Okay, I have a confession to make…I may have made some snide comment hinting at you being…How shall I say this?…Okay, I’ll say it. How does it feel being the only chocolate chip in the cookie? (As someone who’s been there and done that, I should have known better). And how do you react to “less than informed” (i.e. ignorant) comments like mine?

Kelly: Yes I always get this question [laughs]. Being they only Black girl has never bothered me. I don’t look at it like that. I’m just out with my friends having fun like everybody else. If people think it’s weird or have something to say about me having all white friends, then that’s their issue and shows the type of person they are. I never let negative comments like that get to me ’cause you can’t change ignorance. If that’s how they feel, then good for them.

The Ride: What’s one major misconception about you?

Kelly: One major misconception about me is people sometimes think I’m a bitch because I always stand up for myself and say whatever I feel. But I don’t think that makes me bitchy at all. I am really nice and chill and just love to have fun, joke around.

The Ride: I loved it when, in one episode, your girl Angelina called you the “Black Barbie of Brooklyn”! I’ve been called many names but none ever so cool. Why do you think she gave you that name? And what is “Black Barbie” style?

Kelly and Angelina of Oxygen's 'Brooklyn 11223' (Photo Courtesy of Kelly Linton)

Kelly: Angelina gave me the nickname because I love fashion and I love to dress up all the time even when we are not going anywhere special. I’m like a doll. [laughs] So that’s where that name came from. I guess, “Black Barbie” style is a lot of skirts and dresses, always heels or like really fabulous flats. And of course, the best accessories — earrings, statement necklaces, 3 finger rings. Fun pieces like that!

The Ride: By the way, how long have you been friends with Angelina? Do you remember the first time you met?

Kelly: I have been friends with Angelina for 10 years. We met, freshmen year of high school at Bishop Kearney, on the B9 bus. I just remember her being crazy and funny in the morning on the way to school, and I’m like thinking she’s just like me loud and all about fun! Perfect partner in crime and we have been friends ever since.

The Ride: What’s cool about partying in Bay Ridge?

Kelly: What’s cool about partying in Bay Ridge is how close it is and if you don’t feel like going all the way to the city one night, but you still want to go out and have a drink or do dinner, you can.

(Photo Courtesy of Kelly Linton)

And now,  A Bit of Randomness

Favorite Fragrance

BEBE Sheer.

If you could create a nail polish, what would you call your color?

I would call it Barbie Fab.

Wig or Weave?

Girl, weave always!

Nicki Minaj or Lady Gaga?

Nicki Minaj, of course. I LOVE her!

Justin Bieber or Justin Timberlake?

Justin Timberlake. I will forever love ‘NSync I don’t care how old I get.

Your Personal Club Anthem

Rihanna, “We Found Love

Up or Down?

Up…The sky’s the limit.

_______ is a girl’s best friend.

Fabulous shoes are a girl’s best friend.

Brooklyn is all about that ____________

Loyalty and Respect.

The Ride: What’s your favorite part about being on Brooklyn 11223? Free drinks at the club and other goodies?…Oh, those would be my favorites.

Kelly: So far my favorite part is really all the fans of the show. It’s nice when people come up to you and tell you how great they think the show is and how nice and real we all are.

Kelly Linton and Angelina Favuzza of 'Brooklyn 11223' (Photo Courtesy of Kelly Linton)

The Ride: What can we hope to see from you during the rest of the season? Will we ever get to the bottom of this mess between Joey Lynn and Christie?

Kelly: You’ll get to see me just having fun and being my normal, crazy self! As for the Joey Lynn/Christie drama, everyone is just gonna have to sit tight and see how it all unfolds!

Thanks so very much, Kelly!

Feel free to like Kelly on Facebook, or follow her on Twitter (@MissKellyKelz)

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